I had to get over myself!

And I had to get over the idea that the Raven herself would be a regular blog. Nope. And there is, of course, her story to go along with that to explain Raven’s most chaotic flight and eventual grounding this spring. It goes something like this:

I came down November with the mid-winter blues, stuffy nose, heavy head and lots of nose blowing and fatigue. Just like the ordinary, or particularly un-common cold that turned into a significant detour. Finally, after about a month of that and my work on myself alongside, I ventured out one day to find a Chinese herb store in the neighborhood when I might get some ideas about what to do about a really bad cold!

I found a lovely store that has been there on the corner of Pender and Columbia since 1986 owned and run by an ethnic Chinese couple and their team of now older people along with Dr. Moore, a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor offering consultations and recommendations for herbal remedies. There is a great deal we in the western world have not investigated about the deep tradition of Chinese herbal medicine which is on the order of about 8000 years of ancient and trustworthy medicine. I will add a comment in the Health and Well Being category which will further explain why I trust this medicine.

So now I was ready with three packets of an herbal recipe that consisted of seeds, stems, roots, shells, husks and assorted amazingly varied dried plant materials, and a very large stainless steel pot in which to boil them for about 40 something minutes with two big quarts of water and some slices of ginger. This became a hands-on health intervention partially invented by me as I responded to this, have I said it: a really bad cold?

This part of the story is taking a look at new territory and discovering new allies. I liked the idea that it was a quick two blocks around the corner!

I sat and watched the clock and the pot while it boiled. Couldn’t help it: it was just too fascinating to miss. I tasted a teaspoon full of the strong tea I was brewing. It was ok enough, not awful!

That was a day about mid-January at the beginning of the herbal therapy when I poured a cooled few cups of this thick tea into a quart jug for the fridge to begin quite an adventure. I’ve often said that the best time to learn something about getting to true health and well being is to help yourself when you feel poorly.

The herbs were brand new for me even though I knew of the medicine for many years. In the US, this kind of therapy is available in the Chinese centers in larger cities: San Francisco, Seattle. Los Angeles. Los Vegas, New York I know for sure.

The next part of the story developed over time from late in January until this time in almost July with an ongoing kind of roll back of those heavy symptoms and a gradual increase in feelings of strength and plain old feeling gooooood!

We all love the feel good idea. I was able to take a good long run at it and emerge these six months later significantly more well and energetic than in the dark and cold of winter. It is work in progress, and I am thankful for it at a landmark birthday about 2 weeks away.

But, for a while, Raven had to take a seat at the back of the bus. For once I was at a loss for words. The silence in me was simply profound. There was really nothing to talk about. Everything blog came to a stop, no notifications, very little writing and a lot of days passing in a very creative endeavor that was not at all about words.

Did you miss me? That’s a  bit of a naughty question because you were busy with your life while I was with mine. And on a scale, all of our important stuff is not about any kind of blog.

And now with this introduction and an actual notification from Mail Chimp brought to you through the heart and hands of my cohort, Annika, Ravensmedicine begins again.

So that’s the background which really comes first for me at the time of 8 decades. As I sat allowing the rest I needed before my front windows, I realized that I was actually changing the end game of my entire life. There was a lot of meditations to come before those windows. There was so much going on in my body, I did a lot of sitting soon complimented by exercise which is the best antidote to all this sitting in a wheelchair. After this past month of being deep in myself at that level, I have recovered my verbal and literary facility and am ready once again to give the Raven a reason to fly.

I’m inviting you now to check out what you have missed. Please send me any kind of writing of your own that you would like to share with the rest of us. Remember that possibly the very best way to overcome the negative influence of the world is to be yourself and speak with a voice of clarity and kindness. Be as generous as you can without draining your own well. I often make my sewing a gift: the young guy who lives somewhere up on the street needs his pants fixed and so I fix them. A stitch in time, you might say. You already know what to do! I Love You. Thank You!

With these few words Ravensmedicine.com renews herself preparing this precise moment to take off once more. Please join us as we go – indeed, as we each of us learns once again to soar.

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