My dear friends, my eightieth birthday was unprecedented, much beyond the common observation that every birthday is unprecedented.

Becoming 80 means that I’m old enough now. Remember when you were a kid, your Mum told you that when you were, say 8 years old, your big dream, no more second or third hand bicycles, a brand new, freshly painted bicycle could be yours? Well, you see, I discovered that even yet I can become old enough all over again.

I’m old enough to tell the young women and the very old ladies that they are beautiful. I can smile at the young male millennials and tell them we never lose our eye for a handsome man. What happens next: these lovelies all blush, and that’s a very nice thing.

I’m old enough now I have prerogative. I can open up my mouth and tell it like it is. There are, of course, two provisos to the prerogative available to me. The first one is that no matter what, I must tell the truth without unnecessary embellishment.

And, this one is BIG: no whining. Everyone has some kind of ache, some kind of problem. I “matter” and each of those others “matters” but none of the stuff matters. None of it!

I can and do have quite a lot of fun with this because there is this disaster thinking and talking that brings on the very mayhem they are complaining about.  And it’s not possible to help them because they really cannot hear. Oh, sure, the words are much too easy, (and I got a lot of words!) it’s the sense that goes with them that cannot be conceived. My job is to learn when its useful to talk and when its useful to just smile and let it all be.

So, since I do have a lot of words, and I am the curious sort, I’m always asking questions and seeking to be informed. I learned some time ago that it was part of my journey to know, to learn and know. And with that, it just seemed as obvious at this time to publish a blog, a chronicle, a series of observations I might have about life or is that: LIFE?

Welcome once again to Ravensmedicine. The Raven is aloft once more. I noticed a couple days ago that it was about 60 days that I have not posted. Well, let’s just say its been a fascinating detour not only around the back side of the blog but through the work I’ve been doing on healing body of from birth lung and colon and my 80th birthday. Whew.

And then for a little salt in the stew for some savor, my place became infested with bed bugs and that in itself was a fascinating detour. I learned as much as I was itching for a while there.

Now its here and now all over again! It is evening, a sweet summer evening here in Vancouver. My space, a little like Raven, looks across the city to the south from the height of 8 floors  above the front row center view of our ghetto block. I’m just high enough that its not so terribly noisy, except for excruciating sound from ambulance, fire and police sirens. The streetlights are far enough away that it’s not really needed to have window blinds or drapes. The south facing windows allow a window garden to flourish (spinach and wee baby carrots) and I can watch the city and the weather and the flow of days season by season. Nice!

It may already be that you are getting to know the Raven herself enough to have a lot of patience with the changes and nuances of this writing. Thank you very much for responding and let it be that a few of these words are useful to you.

Please consider that whatever is your journey, without you it could not be what it is for all of us. You count; yes, you matter, and so do your observations about your life. Please send us your words and we will spark up the electronic genie and send them aloft with the Raven.

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