What is Raven’s Medicine?

Now that the Raven’s Medicine has grown up a little and, after a short detour through the late spring, she has graduated to her very own category. Welcome, and let’s go!

So, once more, what is “Raven’s medicine?”

I first met Raven sometime after I took to the highways and byways of the western states in 1995 when I was only 56! Oh, there she was hidden above in the trees in a national park. All I knew was her voice: it was unmistakable. I remember vaguely taking note of her presence, but it was not until later that I got a formal introduction.

Here is the rest of the story. When I went to the Grand Canyon for the first time while I was driving for the umpteenth time through northern Nevada, the flash caused me to make a right turn at the right moment to go further north until I reached the Canyon. I parked the old van, Tulip, and walked over to the visitor lookout, leaned on the railing and peered over the edge. Well, it is a long far way down there to the river which is hardly wider than a crayon mark on paper. As I looked over the edge, one single thought struck me: I’ve seen better video tapes!

I went back to the van, opened the side door and soon had some lunch set up ready to munch. Then the cleanup. Where to now?

I closed up and went to the driver’s seat, then, as I turned on the key firing up the engine, rising from the bush at my left, a flock of ravens, probably 18 or more of them flew up, circled the van in a counter-clockwise direction and took off east. I watched a little struck by the large flock of noisy black birds but there was something else: I knew there was a message for me happening in real time before my eyes.

“Okay, Raven! I’m coming.” I rolled slowly forward and drove off to the east following the flock. That was the last I saw of them. The message was given, and I had received it!

I drove along through the long summer afternoon until I took the bridge over the Canyon several miles eastward. Crossing over to the other side, I was greeted by an array of Navaho artisans showing their silver and weavings. Not being prompted to stop, I continued onward until crossing over into Utah. I kept right on going.

As the afternoon diminished, at some point, I noticed a side road, obviously a fire track, hardened and packed with pebble rocks leading off to the right. I knew I should drive up that road.

After driving about an hour at least 5 or 6 miles slowly up the into the forest, there showed on my left the perfect place to park off the track under a grove of spindly dry pines. I got out, opened the side door once again and took a short walk around the whole area where I was. I sat on the running board watching as the sky grew pink, gold and orange, the sun soon hovering over the horizon I could not see until it disappeared!

It was quite suddenly – v e r y dark.

At the instant the sun was gone, my fear and panic rose right into up into my throat! I was scared to silence and panicking. For easily 10 minutes there was nothing going on except that lightning shaft of fear zapping my spine, no thinking at all. I was rooted to the seat I was sitting on and, it was all I could manage to breathe. Whew!

Then, ever so slowly, my breathing deepened to about ordinary, and shortly after that the brain came back on-line; there was a calm voice talking to me:

“You have been in the dark before. No one knows where you are and there is no one or any critter here that will hurt you. It’s days end, so just roll up and go to sleep. You are safe and all is well!”  I slept well and woke in the morning, clear headed, rested with the sun streaming to the ground through the sparse dry forest.

Raven had shown me how to erase the panicking fear that I had been programmed with. I was truly free to make a new plan, to go with the signs and signals of each moment rather than leaping irrationally into the chasm of fear.

So, if this is the story about my fear and a rather large, quite bold and cocky black Raven bird: what’s the connection to “medicine”?

This is now about to get mystical. Why did I know you were expecting something?

There is a much larger world of knowledge that cannot be found in text-books, in encyclopedias or newspapers or on television. This information and knowledge does not live in the mainstream anywhere nor can it be found in the vaults of a cathedral, in a corporate or government office, in a university.

If I were asked, I would only be able to talk about my personal experience and so, in some minds, that is only an anecdote or hearsay: meaning bogus, stupid and irrational.

However, if it is for you that you have had any kind of premonition of an event in the future, if you have seen something like colors around people, swirling around interesting dogs or cats, for instance, or any other kind of strangeness that you know for sure you have experienced, I’m here to validate that experience as real.

In the very beginning, in the 1950’s when I was a teen about to graduate from high school, I did not know enough not to be convinced by what I saw. Funny, also, I knew at the same moment that I could never talk about this to anyone else. It would take 20 years for words to show up to describe what I saw and some time after that when there was another person to talk about it with.

This is one way, folks, to teach yourself to trust yourself, and your perceptions. I learned not to talk myself out of the skill I am still acquiring some 62 years on. Let it be that now you will validate yourself.

And then, of course, keep reading this Raven’s medicine and the rest of the blog. Bon Appetit!

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