Spiritual tech: here’s where it all begins.

When I was 7 years old, my grandmother took me to church one fine spring Sunday. It was fun. My hair was braided with some bright red ribbons and I got a new pair of socks to go in the old shoes. We were delivered to the church steps; as we walked up and around the curve to the large front doors, she admonished me with the tell-tale finger waggle, “Now we are going to church and you have to believe everything you hear.”

I looked at her earnestly, “Grandma, I don’t have to believe anything.”

I have remembered that encounter from probably about 1946. Even at age 7, I knew what I meant although I cannot yet explain how I knew. Whatever it is we might wish to call it, it is with me yet as I round off the end of 8 decades.

I am writing this to you now as an introduction to whatever it is in you that does not wish to believe. Is there something there that wishes to participate, that wishes to learn, grow and expand what there might be within you? What is your destiny to discover and know?

Remember John Lennon’s song?

Everything that’s known, can still be known. Every song that’s sung can still be sung. It’s easy: all you need is love, love; Love is all you need!

Pretty heady stuff!

I invented the category ‘spiritual tech’ deliberately to bring the ideas close to us who are working some kind of data base, a phone or a computer to remove the pitfall that can be called belief.

I am a unique being in a Universe of uncountable individuals all of whom occupy unduplicatable places in a truly great scheme. Each of us is critical to the whole. Without you, it would not be what It is. Without me. Or Aunt Sally or Uncle Bob. No one is more important that any other.

I choose to go with that one simple idea and take my chances, learn as much as I can and follow my own questions into the great quantum; to continue to ask questions as long as this kind of bodied life goes and onward to whatever is next.

Of one single thing I am certain, whatever it is we call ‘death’, the spirit I am does not die. Oh sure, many people allow their bodies to die. This is commonly expected but it is not across the board a universal experience. There are a few that walk out of this frequency and who have been contacted during their visits.

But please, don’t believe this, ok! Rather put some of this teaching in place right now: check it out! Read some books by Carlos Castaneda. He left no death certificate and there is no grave. Stuart Wilde, in one of his books, reported that Carlos came back for a short visit, said hello and left once again. Are you curious enough to read all of Castaneda’s books and to find out which of Stuart’s books tells of his seeing Carlos?

So, with all that, and without any kind of admonition, coercion or shame-based communication, let’s just begin to exercise our mind and hearts beginning with a refresh button on the data that we think we know.

My favorite phrase comes here: bon appetit! Enjoy the meal!

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