Health and well being -There is a great deal of controversy on this topic.

There is a great deal of controversy on this topic. Even for all there is sincerity in the profession, if the premise upon which the medicine that is being practiced is incomplete, this cannot make their work nor their advice useful. This is the situation we face.

Even though large numbers of people die each year while in hospital, while taking doctor prescribed drugs, and from assorted causes of simple bad medicine, most people go to their doctor, most people believe that the doctor is always right.

I may be a voice in the wilderness. But what have I got going for me that allows me to make observations like this?

You know there is a story, don’t you? Well, here it is.

In the early 70s, women like me began conversations with our peers about women’s liberation. A very large group of us became very sensitive about what we were discussing: patriarchy (the issues of male dominance of society) and chauvinism (the issues of an attitude shared by both men and women that men are superior creatures). These attitudes dominate around the world even yet and in our society. there remains in some quarters a state of mind that believes female people are somehow second rate.

Our Red Lodge First Nations folk are wiser: they say that women hold up half the sky.

Did I say sensitive? One of those days in 1973, I went to my doctor for a regular checkup of my gynecological health. While I was lying on the table, with my feet in those stirrups, the doctor made a totally uncalled for, highly inappropriate comment about my anatomy. I was enraged as I quite politely got up, dressed and, silently seething, promptly left his office.

My conversation with myself went something like this: “Do I need this? I don’t need this!” Can you hear me now?

That minute I was instantly motivated to do whatever it would take to take care of myself, to learn what I did not know, to investigate, to educate myself, to explore and experiment what I learned and practice on myself. I took my own health and well being into my own hands. I have never looked back, and I have been successful in my efforts. It’s been called aging gracefully, I’ll go with that!

The rest of the story is that from that certain day in 1973 until it was necessary in 2016 to go to hospital with a full-blown case of pneumonia, I had not been in another doctor’s office! I took care of myself using what I knew, what I learned.

I learned about food, I learned about the role of my blood type and the differences of the 4 blood types. I learned about being a vegetarian and how to manage that kind of diet. I learned the role of acidity and alkalinity, and more about what organic truly means. I learned about food combining and how to support my digestion over time. I learned a significant therapy of hands on acupressure to keep my energy system in harmony and thereby to enhance the strength and vigor of my whole body.

I am thankful. It has been possible to recognize good advice, good science from the questionable, in itself a big perk.

It has put me in charge of my own life and to continue to empower me to trust myself and to follow my own inner direction concerning my health.

Now, I round off the final year to end 8 decades. I very, very seldom even now go to doctors. A lifelong condition with my lungs and colon are being managed by me with proper diet, strength building exercise and the use of a wheel chair to maintain my mobility because these damaged lungs do not pull enough oxygen to power my heart. My mind is sharp, and memory is terrific.

The plan is to provide you with a little basic information and a great deal of direction about where to find more and specific practical methods to empower you to create health for yourself, for your family. The plan is that knowledge empowers; good clear information empowers. The best part of all this is that as soon as you support your body, instantly, it will give you more vitality. You really can feel a lot better all the time.

You will also understand when it is important to seek the service of a good doctor and to work with them to achieve the health you deserve.

As a practitioner, I created a basic empowerment presentation to make to people who came to me for support. It is useful right here:

“I am not a doctor. You are responsible for your health. I know quite a lot about what it takes because I am doing it for myself every day. I will teach you the basics and I will teach you how to educate yourself further. There is no fee!

Every person who worked with me, who took the responsibility for their health, learned and became well, in many instances confounding the standard medical people they knew.


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One thought on “Health and well being -There is a great deal of controversy on this topic.”

  1. I totally agree with you when it comes to doctors, medicine and nutrition. If we are in tune with our body, it will tell us what it needs.
    I am cautious with doctors as the one before the last gynecologist I went to, did not read the paperwork I had to fill out before my first visit to see her.
    Sure enough she prescribed one of the medicine to which I had had an allergic reaction and had duly noted on my health history form. That was my first and last visit to her.

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