Welcome! Or: welcome back!

Welcome! Or: welcome back!
When I finally made it back here to Vancouver and Canada, I had clocked a great deal of time and experience in the more southerly regions of Turtle Island ending the Journey finally in Panama. My official leaving from Canada was June 1973. Even though there were unofficial comings and goings over the many years, it was more of less a repatriation to return here in October 2015 after 42 years away.

I came back dragging a couple suitcases and my sewing machine all that was left from the van I had driven away from the United States in December 2014 with the intention to begin a new life in South America. The Great Universe had another idea. I arrived homeless and basically destitute with change from $100 in my pocket and quite soon found myself in emergency shelter in the downtown area of Vancouver. Those stories can be found in “Vancouver Local”.

This story is that the Raven flies again. She has been transformed with the aid and assistance of a friend Chris who seems very happy to do all those marvy tech things that I cannot while I put words into the great data base in the sky that does have a way of keeping us distracted a good deal of the time; and Time marches on! As I write this, I am counting a few days remaining to the birthday that will count down the end of 8 decades which ends on July 5, 2019. Recall, please, that your first birthday comes after you have been on the planet for a year.

My ploy is to make this a memorable year to celebrate the passage of the calendar into the next decade. The previous celebration of the day of my 70th birthday was held at the table of a fine friend who make it all quite festive with an impromptu dishing up of breakfast in her back yard in Weed, California. I was on my way northward to Oregon to visit friends in Ashland. Then after the summer season was almost over, I took myself to Las Vegas to a conference by one fine teacher, Stuart Wilde. As I write in this now, it really does seem like only a few months ago when in fact there has been a major change in my life that alchemized over the past decade and it will, I am sure, continue to morph and re-form through this final year.

I wish that you are as excited as I am. People do not often make it to this high point in their lives as well and as involved as I am. If I had one single wish, it is that the continuation of Raven’s Medicine will act as a further catalyst to your own personal transformation. We deserve to have the time of our lives and the world deserves that we are here to proclaim that we can and we will continue to give back what we learn so that more and more may benefit.
I have been known to proclaim: FUN IS FIRST; this could not be more true than right this minute and in the midst of engineered chaos and malaise affecting the whole world. The best revenge is to thrive despite it all. It is my intention to give back what I have learned especially in this passing decade and to continue to offer my own kind of magic to add to your own.

The peace is in our hands. The ones who make the mess have no bigger idea that whatever kind of satisfaction they derive from making the mess. It has nothing whatever to do with us. I don’t know about you, but I am not a victim here; I was not to be a victim of my mother’s heavy dysfunctions; I was not to be a victim of patriarchy or the chauvinism of my society; and I am not even the victim of my own follies. I laugh at myself and I can laugh at the messes as well and keep on keeping on!

So, let us, along with Raven, take flight. She will teach us what we do not yet know. When I made it back here, I already knew this was not Raven’s territory: she is a dry desert bird, the Mother of her tribe of birds that include: Crow, Jay and Magpie. She sent her message: it was only about a week after I had made it to shelter in downtown Vancouver, that younger brother Crow showed up on the trees across the street doing their naughty noisy stuff to get my attention. Go figure!

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