Health and Well Being: 2: Everyone has a little history

I was born into a body that did not work, in a two-bed hospital in the mountains of British Columbia gold country in 1939. It was my destiny to make it, however, because the nurse there was an old German woman who recognized what was wrong with my wee body and taught my mother how to help me. She managed my colon condition from birth and eventually taught me. All this worked until, in 1969 at my 30th birthday, two Canadian doctors in Victoria, BC, re-sectioned my colon preserving the system internally. At this major crossroads of my life, I walked out of hospital knowing two things with a firm certainty.

I could live as long as I wished to.

I was on a quest for health.

This year marks the countdown to the end of 8 decades next year in 2019. I am still on that quest, everyday I am reading something concerning health and well being. I have accumulated considerable knowledge all of which I have experimented with on my own body. At this time of my life I am reaping what I have been sowing these nearly 5 decades. I have a rare degree of health and well being; I am a happy, wholesome, intelligent and thriving human being.

I am qualifying myself to offer you, gentle reader, some of the knowledge and information I have gathered, and my entire plan is to validate and empower you. Have I said this already: you are the best doctor you will ever know, and it is in your power to build the health you wish to have, even if right at this time you do not have all the health you wish. It is your responsibility, and while it is certainly useful from time to time to seek a doctor’s support, you are entirely in charge of how good you are willing to feel.

Surely it is to be understood that there are instances of personal karma that are conditions to overcome. The from birth condition of my colon also damaged my lungs which, at this time, means that my mobility is achieved using a wheel chair because my lungs cannot bring in enough oxygen to power my heart. This is all part of the journey that I make in this life. You may also have some condition similarly to overcome.

We learn as we go; there is always a way to better ourselves. I’m here to say that it can be fun and inspiring. I am very happy to be giving back some of what I have learned, and I expect that some of you will also be inspired to help yourself and give back to the story of your success. We shall empower each other. And thank you very much!

It is important to understand that your state of mind can build or destroy the well being of your body. It already knows what to do and it knows in molecules and in nanoseconds how to do it. Your mission is to give your body what it needs to do what it already knows how to do, and it will give you instantly the well being, the feel-good vitality that you want to be able to live and thrive.

You are not your body. You are a spirit inhabiting your body. The life you make here is a part of the ‘long and winding road’ that we are all traversing.

These are very big ideas that you may not have encountered before while you have been contemplating either fine health and vitality; or some kind of sickness or disease. If you feel fear, instead of its defeating you, use the feeling as a tool to identify what it is that has provoked the feeling of helplessness and victimhood. You can do this and, indeed, you are the only one in your life that can.

Please join me as we go together further on this quest.





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  1. I am not my body, I’m not even my mind! Yes and yes about attitude and power to heal. As someone with a label of terminal, stage 4 breast cancer my mantra is “Why go to a doctor that is convinced you will die without their poison?” Ha even with their poison they have less hope than me. So I choose different strategies for extending life as I know death comes to all and it is another adventure in “life” that goes on forever.

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