July 14, 2018: Day 356, Saturday

Someone told me quite a long time ago that the birthday cycle is altogether 20 days: ten days before and 10 days after. She suggested the idea to recapitulate and remember for each of the 10 days previous, the passage of the years up to that time. Celebrate the re-birthday day as an emerging rather like a butterfly emerges from the cocoon after a complete meltdown and re-formation, then consider that the next 9 days are a waiting period while the new wings dry enough to permit flying!

This year, in segments of 8 years, I remembered a lot of the details of my life up until now and how each of those cycles rather interestingly formed kinds of eras along the way. There were insights that I had missed and insights that became more clear and understandable as I watched within all the pictures that were stored, all the dialogue that was logged and all the events that are now history, or, now with our liberation, her-story; my-story.

This 9th day after I allowed to open easily and leisurely. I did not push any envelopes and did nothing to rush about. In order now to get into the bath easily and safely, I climb in gently and then turn on the tap dialing in the perfect temperature. And after the soak and the soap, I let it all drain out again, enabling me to put a hand towel in the tub to climb safely out.

I found out the kinds of bruises that can be made on my hip when I slip. So, been there and done that! Easy does it.

I went out to do some of my major shopping which just happens to be around my local area within about 8 blocks of the building here. When I am out and about, I make it a point to somehow greet or talk to everyone who rolls in a chair.

I do a lot of my grocery shopping at Costco being attentive of eating as much organic as I can find. On this day, I noticed a lady in a big floppy black hat, a black jumper and a white pinafore on top all bundled in a power chair.

I rolled alongside and said, “Good afternoon, how are you today?” As she turned, I could see she was an older lady and as a smile broadened on her face, it was easy to proceed with, “Look at you, lovely lady, you are beautiful!” Of course, she smiled even more as she returned my hello with her own kind of sweet greetings.

In my small world, this is the enrichment that makes each of us even more rich, wealthy and even more related to each other. I love the glow that comes over us. Sometimes, I also add to people the idea that what we do by greeting each other and just enjoying the glow actually changes everything, everywhere in the whole world and even to the ends of the Great Universe.

And after all the lumpy packages of tomatoes, carrot juice, maple syrup, a Brita water filter and some etceteras was bundled into the back pack on the chair, off I went home to watch a remembered old movie I had picked up from our local library earlier: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Well you remember, don’t you: Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman and Burl Ives. Delicious!


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2 thoughts on “July 14, 2018: Day 356, Saturday”

  1. Greetings of a positive nature IMO…set the Tone of interaction!!! Being just Simply CIVIL nowadays seems unusual as many people hardly speak to one another …often too busy on the Smartphone!!!
    as i am now!!! It also seems the old school manners of greeting aren’t seen as important? I appreciate your reminder OF the warm fuzzy it produces when we INDULGE! ROCK ON A!!!

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