There is a lot to offer on this subject, so let’s chew away! As is true about a healthy, easily digestible meal, there are several ingredients!

You might have known it: your teeth are a major energetic center of the whole body. They are the entry point in the mouth of that interesting hollow tube known as the alimentary canal from tooth to rectum. It is the conduit we use frequently to take nutrition on board in the form of water and food; and it is the exit point for the solid waste produced by digestion.

The question is: how are your teeth doing? I was fascinated one day to learn that fully 30%  of people still in their thirties have false teeth. Of course, it’s a given that almost none of us in our 8th decade still have our teeth. I am one of them, although it is a given that the attention of a dedicated wholistic dentist would be a very good thing.

I have a fairly healthy disrespect of our western medicine especially here in North America. Whatever goes on with individual people who take the study to become doctors, the medicine itself seems to be fraught with a lack of understanding of the body. It became clear to me at my 30th birthday if I wished to live a long and happy life, I needed to take personal charge of my health. That has meant an ongoing self education.

When I talked to the doctors I was acquainted with at that time, I knew quickly that they really did not know much except wait for what seemed to be inevitable illnesses and then prescribe an assortment of toxic drugs. After my one and only life saving major surgery in 1969, my colon was restored to normal functioning: they pronounced me fine. I knew I was fixed but not “fine.”

My reaction was predictable for me: I searched for and began the study of a system of acupressure from Japan with the effect to maintain my well being. I have practiced regularly on my body now for close to 50 years enjoying a vitality and healthfulness not known often among octogenarians in our western world. I needed to know enough to be undependant.

I was later to learn of the toxic connection between what we now label as Big Pharma with the medical profession that regularly pedals their manufactured products by the billions!  It was and is still a perpetration of the highest order on your health and well being. Dentistry, it seems has gone along for the ride to our detriment.

When I was a kid in the 40’s and 50’s, dentists used mercury fillings on everybody. It was quite a lot later, there was a realization that there are side effects from mercury leaking from fillings. Those possible symptoms of mercury poisoning include irritability, memory loss, tremors, poor physical coordination, insomnia, kidney failure and anorexia. Of course there is plenty of controversy about this: are there toxic side effects or not? Depends, it seems on who you trust to inform you!

As you have noticed, my general stance is for undependance: a state of being that promotes my own personal desire to take charge of my life. So here is a short bit that will tune you in to what you personally can do daily to preserve your teeth.

One: If you check the labels on those commercial toothpaste products, you can note a number of extras that really cannot help you: fluoride is just one. The best advice I got about all of this: if I cannot pronounce the words, I don’t want what they designate in my mouth.

So: after some research, I chose natural baking soda for the brush; follow up with hydrogen peroxide as a mouth wash and deep cleanser, both non-toxic and inexpensive. I very much like white teeth! Vanity never dies!

Two: dental floss or those shaped wooden toothpicks to clean in the spaces between teeth. I chose the toothpicks, easy to use, easy to carry around in their neat little envelope. Very effective.

The final point in this essay is how to maintain the integrity of your teeth. The Japanese acupressure system that I have practiced now since 1971 has two releases, one on the upper arms and the other on the calves of the legs that energetically relieve internal stress on the jaw and teeth.

All it takes is to hold these two places: For the top jaw: cross the arms, and simply hold the upper arms just below the bicep muscles, thumbs inside and fingers outward. Hold about 2 or 3 minutes, allowing yourself to feel the release. For the bottom jaw, hold the hands around the largest part of the calf muscle for the same approximately 2 to 3 minutes. These two releases clear and adjust the energies that impact the jaw both top and bottom. Kept me out of those dentist’s offices and kept my teeth in my jaw.

One last proviso: this is not any kind of advocacy about erasing dentists from your life. I was fortunate in that I was born with very good teeth. You may have issues that require the services of a good dentist. Don’t hesitate to get the professional assistance you need; and do the backup work on yourself to maintain their integrity. I think we can agree that it’s worth it.

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