July 13, 2018: Day 357 Friday

We cannot be all things to all people. So, it seems people weed themselves out of the garden of friendship. They have all kinds of ideas of why I’m just not their ‘right’ kind of person. It depends of the person themselves as to how they cut me out of their circle; some are downright mean and nasty; their words are hurtful and uncalled for. They do not realize that they are telling everyone exactly what they think of themselves. There is nothing to be done to change this. I had to realize that it’s out of my hands. I give up, and love them anyway, but at ne exactly what they think of themselves. Folks, I’m here to say, there is nothing we can do to distance!

Then, there are a few that return over and over again, the conversation deepens, the body language becomes softer and there is a flow (I call it love) that just happens and continues. There are a few like that in my life and when I get to hang out with them, I feel just as I am, whole and complete. It means that we can do anything and continue to talk. Nothing special needs to happen, it just all works. I had some time with one of those people today and so as I write this now, I am remembering my own soft edges, my own contentment. There is a lot of feeling here right now and there is gratitude.

The countdown proceeds as I am noticing what has made it fulfilling so far and what will likely continue to support my chosen goal in life which is to evolve. Did you notice this: love:evol.ve?

The evening was given to the whole of this project: ravensmedicine.com. I went over to work with my webmaster while we synced and coordinated and clarified what we are doing. I could not do this without his work with me and he likes what I write. Works.

A great deal of how it actually works is that there is that same sort of love:evol.ve going on between us. I have made a composite word out of it but there really is not a simple way to describe this. I promise that I will continue to figure this one out and when I do, I will pass sit on to you.

Thanks for reading and please have a fine evening.

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