July 15, 2018: Day 355, Sunday

Sunday, Sunday, my one day with you. Or with me. This was the kind of warm day in Vancouver when it is important to take advantage of the clear weather. I really do not understand why there are so many complaints about warm weather here. I learned some time ago to put into practice weather conditioning. What this means now in July on this west coast is that I do not have air conditioning in my place allowing that during the summer body likes to be warm and even very warm indeed in order to experience the extremes. In winter, I do not heat my place more than just at minimum which is about 65 degrees; instead I wear leggings under my jeans and a sweater and a scarfe, sometimes even a hat in the house allowing my body to adjust to the extreme of cold. It made a lot of sense to serve my immunity in this way, it is very nice, is it not, never to have a bad cold! Worked for me!

So I took my time to wake up and get into the bath. I fooled around over the data base for a while catching up on the news and my friends’ hearty hellos from out there in the global commons telling me that they like what I am writing. (it is one of the world’s greatest things that friends will tell me they like my writing! Thanx folks!) And finally, I made some green lunch, fired up the power chair and took myself out on the pavement.

I took the whole afternoon rolling easily from where I live through Gastown on past Canada Place down the way to Cold Harbor. Have you ever taken a look at the glossy and totally amazing yachts, big, bigger and biggest homes on the waves that are parked there next to the jetties? There is enough wealth represented there floating in the back water of the harbor for any of us to have one of the mansions with lawn and paid cook. Fascinating.

Went all the way to Denman and Robson, pulled off into the shade and just sat for about an hour watching the passing crowds milling on the streets in as little clothing as possible. And home again, up Robson all the way to the elevator above Costco around the corner from Abbott not so far from where my windows overlook east Hastings. There is a lot of mileage in the battery of my loaner chair that I have taken advantage of today.

And a lot of UV light not shielded by any kind of sun glasses, and the next layer of tan not greased out by some kind of lotion on my skin. Some lovely old lady way back in history reminded me that the sun’s light is our first nutrient. Made sense to me.

And back here once again, I did the zen of getting the blog over to my web guy for posting. It was entirely a perfect day in paradise. My friend in Arizona had a 70 somethingth birthday and here is yet another day in the life to add to a blog of a life ending 8 decades.

Thanks for joining in. Remember to pass ravensmedicine.com on to your many friends and I promise I will keep on keeping on it myself.

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