We Are Better than We Think

Have you noticed how it is that great words of wisdom have a way of following us around? In other days, winter season signaled time for an event that was held annually in the town of Quartzite, AZ and in the Sonora desert scape around and about. The Main Event begins in the town late in November as a gigantic swap meet and the desert fills up with something in the order of 30,000 RV’s parked in clusters. I have visited a few times taking myself more westerly from the congested area to where me and the desert rats and the saguaro cactus hold conferences during refreshingly pleasant days and star bursting clear brisk nights.

During one of my visits I made the acquaintance of Keith who traveled the nation swap selling his wares. When I was readying myself to leave to return to California, he gave me this sign to prop up in the window of the van: You are better than you think.
This is subtle, folks!
Then only about 10 years later, here I am in Vancouver trolling the ‘hood in my wheelchair when I come upon this graffiti boldly painted on an alley wall in our local ghetto.

Where have we known ‘what goes around, comes around’? This kind of stuff means a lot to me. Allow me to explain something that might surprise you.

How we live our lives is not the subject of scientific consideration. Life has her own way with us. Even though around the world there are many people, many ethnicities, many languages, there is a single heart living within us. We share what has been called a mind bank, that includes the entire contents of our history in it, all the various polarizations called good and evil. What is interesting to me is that I have noticed over time those often in hardship, in illness, in addictions, in all the spectrum of stress are the ones more likely to show up with:
We are stronger than we think.
We are smarter than we think.

Humans can and do and have in our history overcome enormous odds to find ourselves here at a crossroads in earth’s history. The nightly news is such a disaster of mean ideologies, war, disease, crime and poverty, greed, violence, hatred and the glee of those hiding from us their plan to own us like cattle or sheep and the whole of the planet for a personal playground.

It might be that the onslaught has cowed us. Not so in this ghetto! Our artists paint on the wall their eloquent messages which altogether translates into, “We are stronger than we think. We are stronger than you think we are, too. We are not going away. We have heard you roar over centuries but we are not defeated. We are living on the streets, in all season weather. Our clothing and our bodies have not been washed, our food comes from charity as it is called. Still in the midst of this sordid reality graffiti proclaims the quality of our spirit.”
Each of us has some adversity to overcome, a cleanup you might say of old karma. Today is the perfect day to grow up all over again. Never, ever let the bastards grind you down.
And if you relate to motto’s in Latin:

Nulli, nulli bastardo carborundum est. We are better than we think!

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