Happy Birthday, Mr. Putin!

This is the birthday of one of our world’s leaders, the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.

For the time being let us agree to leave out any of the story we hear about this quite professional person and find out who he might really be. On this score, I have a little knowledge which lives way out on the fringes. Nonetheless it will become evident that what may be known from those fringes assists to understand people in general.

This is October 7, when I checked on the world clock just now, it’s  something close to 11 am in Moscow. I wish the guy a fine birthday, prayers and vodka would be a great combination to cover the bases.

There’s more here. This might be a long story, but it won’t be this time. His birthday has as a designator the 2 of Diamonds. This card lives on the grid (another time) in the Mars row in the Saturn position. Mars has a lot of forward, dynamic, decisive and inspirational energy related to it. Saturn is a solid companion, dedicated, serious and exacting. Those sound to me to be the qualities I’d like to witness in my country’s leader. Perhaps I have some agreement here. Dunno!

A great many people watch television. I do not. My view of these world people comes from studying their photographs which I see in various places. I do not pay attention to the propaganda spread liberally about. My opinions are mine; the information I refer to has been in use for millennia in various enclaves around the world. Anyone can do this, it takes curiosity.

The joke is that in my 81st year, I’m old enough now.

So: I wish Mr. Vladimir Putin a very fine happy birthday, sir, you are a fine leader of your people.  Please, let this be a fine day for you. Blessings.



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