What do you really wish to have?

My cohort and friend suggested that I continue on with our former topic by offering a take on solutions.

Our western mindset is about solutions and decisions, so some of this is about understanding ourselves a little better rather than struggling with circumstances and leaving the issue of ‘what to do now?” to show up as obvious at some point in all this. You will know what to do!

Each of us and all of us are purely wonderful and amazing human beings. That we are not always showing up like that depends on how immersed we are in the group mind.

The group mind is television, your phone and computer, everything that’s happening everywhere all going on in the non stop think of your mind along with everyone in our world and their thinking and doing. Whew! There is a lot going on! That many, many are thinking as you are right now is a given.

It is a radical act of survival and self preservation to make a good life for yourself distinctly your own, to bring your own personal authenticity on line. Synopsis: take back your mind.


When you open your mouth and speak, who is the first listener? (I admit this is a “duh.”) Right: you are. Identify yourself: I am the first listener.

At the outset of my introduction to this idea, I wrote down in a notebook the exact words I wished to say to describe what I wished for. (Never say ‘want’ because it implies lack.) Then, I stood up in front of the mirror and read my own words to me, myself. Is there some sense in this for you? All this included more of those senses: eyes to see, hand to write, voice to hear: you can tell I am engaged in my process! Engage yourself in your process! Concentrate! What do you really wish to have?

The bigger game is called the Law of Attraction. There was a book and a movie: The Secret that showed us.  It’s time now to revisit the ideas found there.

The Great Universe operates on the Law of Attraction. One dear tiny little lady I knew in the 70’s would say this, “When I speak my Word, my Word is Law in the Universe!” She shook her small fist emphatically!


Why are the words “Word” capitalized? Check out the Gospel of John: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. What does this mean?

When we talk and speak every day in our ordinary lives, the words we speak and the emotion which drives them, form the background and the foreground of our lives. We talk ourselves into the life we live! As I became peaceful in myself, my own words taught me more about the natural harmony of my life.

Telling myself often these words has stabilized inflow and outflow of resources:

I always have enough.

Money is my friend. I provide easily for my needs and generously for my wishes.

Resources come to me easily and effortlessly.

Everywhere I go, I go safely and easily and respectfully.

And a reminder: what goes around, comes around. If you have put out words that conflict with your truth, or with the Words you now utter, you will notice a time lag. Be persistent, you can do this. In those earlier days, I did not have me around to support and I made it!

I suggest you check out Jack Canfield, the Secret, any of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Mostly look for other ways to practice and to use your own voice, your life force to acquire everything you wish to have in your life. You deserve the best, you deserve to win! Bon appetit!


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