How do you know what you know?

How do you know what you know?

Where did it all come from?

You probably know after only a couple questions that these might not be the usual kinds of questions, like, you do know where the name you have came from. You know where you live, you know what’s in the kitchen drawer ( which may not be so true of what’s in the bottom corner of your closet!)

So, let’s dig a little into this. I’m asking you because I ask myself this question. It causes me to ask crazy questions as I seek some sort of foundation for all the various kinds of knowledge I have accumulated on repository in my mind.

I acknowledge that it took quite some time into my maturity before I got to the question, 52 years in fact (so, relax, please, you are part of huge numbers who do not get to the questions.) In 2001, when I was visiting a friend in Mt. Shasta, I saw a book on her table. I’m kind of a hound about books. It had an intriguing title: The Greatest Secret, by one David Icke. Curious, I picked it up and began to read from the beginning. About three pages later, I realized I had to read this book.

I went to my van and read till after dark with my pocket flash. Next morning, I settled in and continued to read avidly all day and then, the next morning, I finished the book in about another 3 hours.

Then, a phenomenon I had never experienced before: my brainmind shut down. Right: blank, and wordless, not a single thought escaped the blackout. What was going on? I knew this was not any kind of medical situation (you do know for sure, do you not, when it’s some kind of illness?) I did, too. So, instead of panicking, I just did the day, went to bed, slept well as usual on the mountain. Next day was the same; my head shut up for the third day as well.

Then, fourth morning as I awoke on a fine September day, I realized deeply and certainly that NOTHING I had ever learned in school about history, about science, about archeology, sociology, or the humanities was either true or real. It was a public relations project and I was the public along with most of the rest of the world of something like 6 ½ billion people!

What was this all about? Who was this guy David Icke anyway? This was not a short book, nor are any of the other volumes this gentleman has written; nor are the seminars he has given to thousands around the world. Because I did not have a computer, it would take some time for me to find more of his books and then read them gathering his information in order to understand.

Now, the critical part of this essay. In the world of knowledge and scholarship, there is the description of a mental phenomena known as “cognitive dissonance.” It is a state in which what is known does not mesh, does not compute, with what I already think I know.

Well, how do I know what I know? In that moment, it was the first time I had asked myself what I asked you at the top of the page: how do you know what you know?

Let me digress just a little: in the 1970’s, when I was an early acolyte of the spiritual path, there was a lovely, sweet much older man in the circle who had this to say:

“There are three realms of knowledge. The first realm is what you know.

You know how to drive a car.

The second realm is what you know you do not know.

You do not know how to fix the car.

Then there is the third realm, and by far the largest: that is the realm of knowledge that you do not know that you do not know.” Whoops! There it is again.

This one upset the apple cart big time and it became a needed thing to right the cart, pick up all those apples and examine each of them to find the bruises. Major task. Still going on now 18 years later. Think I will not be finished with this for quite some time. It is a complicated world. I do not know about you but I am clear: I need to know. If you ever have wondered why an 80 something old dame is writing a funky blog called Raven’s Medicine, this is part of the answer. I’m assuming (big pitfall) that perhaps you need to know as well.

I’m going to leave you with the name David Icke in your mind so that you will be able to look up more of his books including one of his most recent which concerns what you need to know and were not told.

In brief, our world was invaded something like 400,000 years ago by a race from the planet Draco. The reptile invaders re-engineered the solar system, put in place a matrix network which replaced the human mind with their mind! (Check out Carlos Castaneda’s final book, The Other Side of Eternity, for more about this. Needless to say, I have brought you kicking and screaming to the precipice of your own cognitive dissonance.

Now, what you will do with this usually highly unusual state of mind is going to be on you. I took a very deep dive down the rabbit hole. I did some time checking out what was going on in my own mind asking myself how do I know what I know. What I can say is that there is at the core of your being a place that you know for sure is true and real for you. Once you are there, and that you trust yourself implicitly, certainly, then you will be able to perfectly integrate any kind of information that you will come across in your whole life. Don’t be shy, there is a lot to know.

My gentleman friend finalized his tidy lesson with this: Once you know that you do not know, only then are you teachable. Bon appetit!

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