Dear Friends!

Dear Friends, this letter is for you. It is a gift that you are on my rather short Mail Chimp list. Each of you has in some way impacted my life, sometime on my wanderings along my personal spiritual path you made a difference and now you continue to make something of these writings. Thank you very much.

At now 80 something, I continue to observe myself and my world and to give  back with some skill and eloquence what that means to me. Let it be that there is also something for you. Please understand that it is important to me that you are at least as intrigued to read as I am to write however that writing happens as life has it’s way with us.

Our world is on it way through the eye of the cosmic needle. Understand that at its outset, evil seals it’s own doom and the next few days or months or years are going to be something like the milk spilled on the floor: messy and in need of clean up. Have much confidence in the process as it is an eternal one of balance that is inevitable as the bread rising in the oven while it bakes turning raw flour and yeast into savory delicious bread. Meantime, if a bug out bag is needed, make one. If more education is needed, educate yourself. If fun is important, make some comic relief and fun. Love your self and your people. This is perennial in a day to day obsessed world. Listen to your own voice, your own wisdom to show you direction.

It is bogus to give advice without first listening to yourself. I’m listening. This does not mean I have any answers for you but that perhaps here is something of the dedication I experience of my path that will in fact show up as a way showing for you.

In my 30’s in the 1970’s there were quite beautiful and amazing older people who called themselves, “wayshowers”. Seems I’ve made it to that status. Remember, please, that I may point out a direction but it is you who walk the path. Do not be confused by the story of the world, you are making your own story. Let it be wholesome, satisfying and a step or two upward away from the grunge, the bad attitudes, the opinionation, the assumptions, beyond your own lowest common denominator. Let it be you become yourself glorious, kind and beautiful. As for me, I’m working the Plan. Be assured, there is a Plan. Much love and my personal blessings. Amraah.

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