Spiritual tech 4: Second step: Begin where you are at.

Another way to say this one is: Be Here Now. It is important to be done with all the fruitless wishing and hoping that it is what you think, because it is always just – this! It is always now. It is, and you are. Turn this into your very own local zen moment being at one with the all. Whew!

This very big idea is important to you right now because it is causing you to think different. Remember, Steve Jobs and Apple: this was his advice to his people and to the world in remembered full page ads: think different. If we think like very one else, we will share their fate. What do you really wish to have in your life?

Oh, sure, the crowd consciousness can be very comfy and easy. I used to be a cocktail waitress because I could just go there and do that and when my shift was over, go home with money in my pocket. Easy. It was the perfect job to be able to watch people play out their escape plan. And watch I did as I brought them their drinks and collected gratefully their tips. The most interesting part was to watch some of these same people return night after night for the same old same old running in place and going stupid as they did. I still collected their tips and went home with money in my pocket!

My view is quite different from the usual spiritual take on what life is about; about the way of mindfulness which is really what we are talking about, and about what it really might mean to our 21st century consciousness focused on the portable data base in our hands. The global entrepreneurs who brought us this very handy nuts and bolts kind of tech can very neatly usurp your own relationship with the universal data base which we have come to know as planet and country and city and our house or apartment on a street.

This information is about taking a good look into the relationship you have with the data bases that abound and rediscover your Self in all this. You are more than your name. You are more than the body whose thumb punches the electronic keyboard on your phone. You are a spirit having a human experience.

This is a critical distinction to make for yourself because it changes the equation. Instead of the data base and the game making you into its enslaved player; you take charge of the game that you wish to play.

So what kind of a game do you really wish to play? Take a small clue from this writing: here I am an old lady in a wheel chair pounding on one of those data bases. The difference here is that I am using the data base as a tool for my own development and to give back some kind of gift that I have received from my journey so far. Remember my phrase: this is the perfect day to grow up all over again. It’s just like that. So, I use my ability to think different, my ability to use a keyboard and make sense of the language of my time to bring you a piece of some kind of clarity, sometimes also called wisdom.

But: remember this is only just the beginning for you. Its easy to read and be done. Or you can allow the words and the thought expressed here to settle into your mind and further allow it to work away in you until it becomes your own word and your own expression.

I am advocating for your spirit today. I am saying to you check this out and don’t get lost in a game that you can be the master of rather than one of its slaves.


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