July 28th & 29th

Did you notice some powerful energies floating around the last week or so, well, yes so have we here in Vancouver and we are making our way through it all quite nicely thank you.

And we are continuing our commitment to keep on bringing you something thought provoking and interesting and even a little amusing once in a while. Please remember that you hold the success of our endeavor right here on the data base that you use to access our work. Please just pass a link on to those special people you know who will be especially grateful for what we offer.

My wonderful web-man has told me that this week there were 67 people logged on here to check us out so, if any of those were your doing, thank you very much. And now, onward to the next.

Please have a fine weekend wherever you may be. Love and many blessings, Amraah



It is all about our own kind of folly.. we have bought into a set up.. the devises in our hands were weapons on us before we bought them.. and we had fun connecting.. so now we must re-evaluate with our selves and each other.. wots really important ?

I know that wot we are up to is to educate and share.  Every piece I write is something I learn.. the feedback that comes in is telling me that others are feeling good about what they read.

I will not support the profit machine.. or the deception.. or the rest of it.. I will not be complicit. I am content about my personal integrity. I have just enough to have my life work : rent..food … I wheel in a chair..i can have it serviced.. I work at my health..and i give back as much as I can.. I sleep peacefully at night and do quite a lot of fun each day. I’m ending 8 decades!  I like that!

The website is a personal spiritual project. Raven taught me to understand fear.. she taught but I must listen.. I must participate and once I do understand it is on me to give back.. from the power of the original relationship I made with Raven. Here about on the north coast Crow  shows up to remind me while I chuckle at his strutting.. ravensmedicine.com


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