July 29. 2018: Day 340: Monday

Some days are just like this! Vancouver does summer in one lump sum: weather goes tropical: 29 Celsius or 88 Fahrenheit and it’s very warm in my little place because I want southern light and I don’t want air conditioning because it’s all about electricity and assorted kinds of radiation.

It’s about letting body adapt to the seasons while Vancouver gives us this offering called summer!

So, I came out this afternoon to hang out near the center of Chinatown at the war memorial. Seems it commemorates only one war, but the warring did not stop, and there is plenty of evidence going on in the next block that it didn’t.

There is our very own needle park, our very own sidewalk enterprise, our very own homeless encampments spread in unruly fashion all over our sidewalks. Our people are hurting and the traffic whizzes past.

The old lady decided to catch the breeze and notice for literary posterity our collective plight.

The most fascinating aspect is how little even my neighbors take notice. The police take notice. Those lovely uniformed children and grandchildren with on board major computer magic can watch just about everything; it might even be their machines can see around corners, up and down the alleys.

It’s easy to see their boundaries. It’s only about keeping the laws enforced but not about a compassionate interference in the fate of our sidewalk surfers. The uniforms go home after their shift without further involvement. I know my language sounds inflamed but I’m resigned in my own zen fashion to the way it is, but I do know for sure that a lot of what I witness is people doing what they are able to do out of what they believe is their life, and that goes for all of us that are here about.

The only difference between them and me: If I write what I observe with some sort of wit it might inspire some healthier response from those who can make a difference. Could it be that just having the peacefulness of a certain place might make a difference?

And I know that every time I think about it, I know that much of what we witness is people coping in their damaged states. It is beyond even our compassionate comprehension. It comes down to the idea that we cannot know the mind and heart of another and it is not any kind of good idea to make assumptions about it.

Fascinating! So, it just might be that my small response to the oppressive heat in my place that brought me out and that inspires my wordy rant is useful after all.  I am cooler! It must be about August already because some maples have yellow leaves.

Turned out to be perfect for my favorite pub down the street. Young Gaelic waiters and Guinness!



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