The art of Discernment.

There is a lot going on in the world. There are a lot of places where we get information, a great many more places even than what we think we know about. And then we choose. The choosing is the subject of this article.

Choice is discernment.

Here is a short piece that was sent to me by a fine lady friend who has followed me for some time. She is also a pilgrim on the path and has many times engaged with me in discussions that might be spiritual in nature. This is her offering to our present topics: What do we know? How do we choose? Here it is:

Two hawk days
What I am learning is that when we focus on “what is”, the reality around us, we attract more of the same to ourselves. But if we can find a way to concentrate on what we “wish to be” our reality, and generate the feeling within us for how that “feels” and let that satisfaction carry us regardless of our surroundings, then the universe MUST MAKE IT SO! It works! It really does. Ignoring what we are trained to believe is reality is the work we must do to turn things around.

I have what I call “Two Hawk Days”. As I drive to work each day, I look for the hawks sitting on the telephone poles. Initially, whenever I would see one, I would celebrate with a “Whoo-Hoo!” or whatever else struck me as appropriate. When I would see the second hawk, I would again celebrate knowing “today was going to be extra special. I doubled our walk-in traffic at the office the week my partner was gone on vacation by doing just this. We had 70 customers in 6 9-hour days! The prior week we had only 41. Revenue was also our highest ever. Now I’ve learned to “feel” a “Two Hawk Day” everyday and it keeps the flow happening!

That is my solution….XXOO

Thank you for reading. Please let me know what else you discover. Thanks.

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