Another Interpretation of Symptoms.

I was empowered about my health because as a kid I was born already sick, my body was sick. When it got fixed (you already know some of the story) I took myself on and my health as well. It was a given, there I was!

Even though there are a considerable percentage of our people involved to some level in their health, our western society is not empowered over all to be well. We are empowered everywhere to go to doctors, ask you doctors about taking these pills, and ask your doctor about just about everything. What if he does not know? What if he gives you advice that adds to your unwellness? Even those two doctors whose skill saved my life in 1969 did not know how to help me recover my health. It meant nothing to them. I was on my own. I took a flying leap across the Pacific into the Chinese and other oriental practices of health, along with the zen and Taoist philosophies, acupressure, and an assortment of understandings that do not live here on our coasts.

Its winter season, my nose runs and I’m blowing and coughing, I do not have a cold, I am experiencing heart stress (the runny nose) because this is water season which empowers the kidneys. At the deep of winter, kidneys are prominent. I do deep cleansing in the spring beginning in February because this is wood season, liver is being energized and I can detox more efficiently at this season. And I can be certain that between the seasons, when the stomach and spleen are prominent, I am more likely to experience stomach upset and emotional turmoil. All this is dutch to us here. It means nothing and so we go to the doctor.

Over the next foreseeable time, I am going to reorganize “Older Than Dirt” and I am going to offer some interesting and very helpful little therapies, and some larger ones as well. Over this time, now 50 years on, I am my own personal champion. If I do not know, here we are with a data base although mightily messed up in some details, is a source for new information, better knowledge. I have built into myself a confidence in my own choices. Let it be that some of this rubs off on you and you grow up into an understanding of your body and your health. What does it take? I’m learning! I will do my best to pass on the best to you. Please remember to send me your experiences and ideas to help all of us.

Live Long and Prosper!

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