Are we glad this is over?

Calendars will change everywhere in the world in less than 30 hours. Yes, the Chinese will have a Lunar New Year Celebration January 25th which is the first day of the year of the Metal Rat.

I have been tracking the journey to Winter Solstice from my 8th floor window above the Vancouver downtown eastside. Being summer born, I follow diligently from the end of October all the way to mid winter on 21 December. It has been d a r k and it feels even darker when I stir in the morning: it’s still dark; then by about 4pm dusk deepens and lights all over the city switch on. In Gastown, the trees along the streets are garlanded with lights making a bright canopy over the streets crowded with shoppers from foreign lands. Personally, I think the trees love their lights, and that’s me!

The news sites that I pay attention to are anything but main stream. The tone of the times is that we are probably quite fortunate that given so much bad acting around the world we do not have our streets cratered by bombs; buildings stand upright, roofs intact, though shabby and poor as ever. Street people only have to deal with the usual nonsense, cops and the wet and cold weather. Elsewhere around our globe the day to day and the country to country news is nervy and tense. People must somehow be, as we are, wondering what it is that is making all this so crazy. It’s really not quite possible to wrap our heads around some people enjoy making mayhem, making mischief, and making pots and pots of money with illegal traffic of various commodities including humans. It’s not a pretty picture.

Here I am a writer and a Grandmother. What kind of message might I have for all of you out there who, let it be, read what is written here? Well, let’s see: keep the faith with yourself. Do for yourself what is the right thing for other people. We are kin. The deep human regard that lives in us and that lives in all of us is our saving grace. It is from this prompting that we will make a peaceful and fulfilling life. As for the rest, please have a really good time. Always my best.

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