‘Splain to to me, Lucy!

I was not welcomed into my family because, in my mother’s world, I was to be a boy. Never happen!  The perk was that because my contract was cancelled, I was truly on my own, free within myself to think and learn at my own behest.  Not only this, I discovered when I was 18, that my psychic abilities gave me a very different relationship to the physical world than most people: I can see color around people, animals and the entire natural world. It’s all a single life.

So, how would you have coped with all this? First of all, I shut up because in the world of psychology, in those days, 40.s through to 60.s, ability like this was considered as mental disease.  Whoops! I learned quick and I did evade the drag net.

In the quiet, I deepened and expanded my ability, and waited for some words.

Meanwhile in the mid to late 70.s, i encountered some talented older people who taught and encouraged me to develop and tune up. Their counsel came with a sense of their integrity and dedication to what they taught me.

In a simplicity, mind your mind and mind your mouth. Stay alert, the Great Universe will show and tell as you are ready to assimilate. Clean up your act. Love yourself in a way you did not think possible. Love everybody and love the world as it is. The world is the teacher, there are lessons through the progression of the years and our maturity. We are here to matriculate! The big idea is to accomplish yourself, your true, inner spiritual nature. Who are you, anyway? What might you become? I used to be different and now I’m the same.

Now, only about 40 years later, the day has dawned that I am struggling with one of the Raven’s blog posts to find words to point you, dear reader, forward on your own personal journey with some kind of deciferable handle on concept and method, to attempt to interpret what i was taught to words and idiom from this day and age. (Please let me know what this is for you?)

I wish to draw your attention to the difference between your own true beingness which is spiritual in nature and what the materialist science has to offer you about personal spirituality. Science is struggling with a quantum reality that seems almost but not quite to exist. And the math is huge. The world is a hologram, a pure frequency construct that we can apprehend as solid and substantial  because our brains are slow, turns what is simple frequency into an illusion of solidity. Quite a trick! Most people miss out on the perk and opt for money, sex or power, assortments of temporary bits and small rewards.

So, my friends, we are frequency beings navigating an illusionary world that we have assumed belief. The first part is to understand and relate to frequency, and how it layers the reality of our familiar seeming world with all the rest of the greater Whole.

For perspective, i asked the Great Universe to describe metaphorically the relationship we each have with our known physical type universe to the greater unseen whole. She said this:

Everything we know of our physical type universe, from here to its outer reaches: 1 kilobyte of information. Understand, a terrabyte is 1000 gigabytes; a pentabyte is 1000 terrabytes: the inner and unseen universe is a trillion trillion trillion pentabytes of information, a virtually unimaginable magnitude. A giant data base, an artifact with eternal characteristics and scope for exploration, and brilliant light!  The idea alone beats out the nightly news!

And it is just not about following anyone, you are and I am one wìth the power itself. I am the power of one. I began with this by saying it to myself out loud in front of a mirror, and went on from there.

I think of this as a service to people seeking empowerment in their lives, seeking to make head and tail of it all in a world of distractions and obligations, in a world requiring discernment and analysis of both seeming good and seeming evil; a world where we wish to have a life, a job, a family, health and happiness, prosperity, some fun through the duration. I began the quest before .. long before there was much mainstream thought of any of it.  And, dear ones, this is where it begins, in this now and forever. Second star to the right and straight on till morning. Bon appetit!

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