Blog on regardless!  The machine is having a fit. She won’t tell me what I wish to know and I don’ t know how to persuade her. I’m low tech when it comes to computers and so she has her will until my tech guy has time to help!


BUT:  the old lady is pretty intrepid..she goes when every one else is scratching their heads asking for directions to Thursday!  My otherwise blue tainted

radiating mad engine called Samsung J6  cell phone has a keyboard to peck on and the polluting signal will deliver to my web guy my dulcet words and brilliant prose right on time today – the other days missing will just have to wait.




Vancouver is dismal. I did a load of laundry to keep myself occupied and searched the shelves to find a few of the movies I have not seen for a while to entertain the stranded blogger. I have even wielded the broom and the mop over the floor in a silent kind of desperation to rediscover what I did before.  Although the sewing machine has been a constant companion.for 7decades, she is in the garage under care of her kind of mechanic. I wiĺl not repatriate her till Wednesday when Outreach can drive me over there. So. it’s seagulls and crows all day!


About early October there was a kind of winged invasion of crows, easily 6 dozen of these guys showed up to harass, harry and otherwise mob the Johnathans who had held sway over the roof tops and tree spaces, in the local Oppenheimer park and all about. Now the rivals hoard the space on the wifi installations and swarm around the buildings, over the parks competing for the morsels of food left by street people. It’s wildly entertaining to watch their antics.


so,  take your day slowly. Savor the other than ordinary everywhere, remember the kid who used to kick cans or jump rope or climb trees instead of making it home to do homework..that person lives to this day waiting for the perfect time to blog off!

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