November 24 (more) and 25, 2018: Days 230 and 229: Saturday and Sunday

The machine has been driving my life now for a couple of days. It’s quite definitely a sign of the times that the data base in all its forms and devices has taken over our attention. So, I’m at the effect today.

Saturday it was plenty wet, but it was important to get next to Chris to straighten out the mess. We discovered that it was all about Microsoft and their license of Word. I cannot yet get used to the idea that the software company programs into its product to shut down the computer. So, we sat together and reinstated the license for Word and I went home afterward because the download and then the updates were taking too long.

I’ve been collecting a few movies as I am about the swap meet and so, I got out Elizabeth, The Golden Age to watch. Luscious in fact. It did the trick: I folded up afterward and went to bed.

Today it was about catching up with my friend Lance and allowing the sharing of the other side of eternity over a coffee and a tea at the local Blenz shop. We zero in quite well and so there is a lot of progress as we give ourselves the benefit of our separate inner work. There’s more to that but for now it will just have to wait.

Then I went over the collect the machine before Chris went off for some fun with friends. And I could not find what I was looking for; some kind of song now a couple decades in the past! So, then I started a new page to write the weekend down for posterity. I wonder what this will be like this time next year when I will be on to a new kind of gig.

I can tell those of you that follow this countdown, that when I hit on this, I really had no idea what it would be like, where it would lead. It was a little boring to begin until I got the hang of it all; not so much the blog part but the conversation around the progression of the days. So it goes now that there is a kind of groove, but I cannot seem to escape some of the boring aspects of it all. Or is it that brilliance has some on and off aspects to it that I had not noticed before? Dunno. And so to bed to wake up once again on another Monday. There is consolation that it will be the same confrontation for you, too! Lets just ditch the calendar altogether!

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One thought on “November 24 (more) and 25, 2018: Days 230 and 229: Saturday and Sunday”

  1. I’m for that… except next Monday when CALI van registration and drivers license is IMPERATIVE! beyond that…I could LOVE NO TIME! cutting wood and doing land related work really demand only focus on the rythms of our environment! I’m on the ‘machine’ retrieving driver’s manual and deet for Monday the 3rd ! ahhh…yes isn’t life of the day to day refreshingly boring and oh so #GLAMOROUS !

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