Understanding and ending fear

Now we have migrated from our old definition of fear and must take on the task itself: ditch the fear patterns.

And that all begins with the person looking into the mirror. The first question is one we have been asking in these writings: who are we anyway? Yes, it means also something like, so what are you doing about it? (er…I’m doing this!)

The real key to understanding fear in us is to raise the bar, extend our vision beyond the traffic patterns, the office routine, the laundry list. We go from a scientifically ‘provable’ reality to the meta-programming that created it and the operating system that operates the whole of it, of which each of us is a critical part.

There is an old adage from one of those hoary sages meditating in a mountain cave that goes like this:

It is fortunate for (wo)man that the Universe works without our thought or approval.

The operating system is called: metaphysics. A handy definition might be: Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that examines the nature of reality: the polarities of mind and matter, substance and attribute, and potentiality and actuality. What this means to us grappling with the fear we feel in us and the generalized fear that holds a great many people hostage to their emotional content is that with intent, the whole of it can be brought to the present moment in our heart-minds where all the content can be understood both of origin and its effect on us.  The magic moment when we identify ourselves we can quite easily inventory how fear operated in us, and how it affected our personal vision of ourselves and how we chose to live.

In my world, it was important to clearly jettison the entire content of old patterning laid in my psyche from those earliest moments. Thus, Raven, herself undertook my schooling in a way that would be blazingly life changing: ‘You have been in the dark before.’

From the story, you will leap into your own story. You will enjoy some reflection to discover and decide what works for you.  Folks, let me tell you, we all have a story. Hemingway or Shakespeare its not; but it is our story. And that all by itself gives us entre into the thick of it. Bon appétit!

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