Sprouts For a Richer Life.

While I do not go out of my way to do any professional health thing here, there is opportunity to add some useful information to upgrade your well being. Believe it I am very thankful that I began my quest to maintain total health about 50 years ago. And, just for a little perspective, I really do have a bunch of fun reminding people that I went to Grade One in 1945!

So, this article is about fresh, vital, nutritious and delicious food.

We do believe, I think, and we have even made broad assumptions that the food available from food giants, from restaurants, or Whole Foods and just about everywhere except our own back yard gardens is fresh and wholesome. Considering the distances food travels from farmer’s gardens to our tables, sometimes from the other side of the world, by the time it makes it, it is simply not the same as what you can take from the garden and put on your plate in about half an hour!

You do not have a back yard garden? Neither do I and since I live downtown in a major city, my options for groceries are all commercial, just like yours, no doubt! And I do the very best I can to consume organic.

Costco here in Canada helps with this as they have a good selection of organic, free range and wholesome choices. And there is a Chinese market near.  This nation has a history of naturally grown food dating in the order of 7000 years!

Then, I remembered: seeds are for sprouting. I learned to sprout a lot of years ago and this recent prompt led to buying a 2 pound package of broccoli seeds.

In a glass, I place a heaping desert spoon of seeds to soak in about a cup of water. Think broccoli seeds: small, round and sorta tough that hydrate and swell in the water until they poke their small noses out of the casing and begin to grow. Over the next 4 to 7 days, they will increase in size easily 5 to 10 times their length and make small green leaves of really quite good veggie food.

Now the seeds are ready to sprout, find a decent sized, clear container, dump them in it, and tie a porous cloth around the top, then drain the water. Each morning and evening, add cold water to the swelling sprouts, swirl it around to thoroughly wash and then drain the water off allowing them to do what they cannot help doing: sprout! Don’t worry: this is a lot easier than it is to think and write the how-to explanation. You already know what to do!

So, now I have a couple handfuls of sprouts to eat.

Make a salad: I scissored up some arugula so it is smaller and easier to mix with the sprouts; peeled and sliced up some cucumber. There are options for an avocado, maybe a juicy tomato or whatever pleases your fancy.

We have just changed and upgraded every salad you have had with the combination of totally fresh, organic sprouts added to the mix. Body loves this stuff. It is happy when you sprout often and a lot (broccoli is one option, choose others: onion, radish, alfalfa, mung beans and a long list of etceteras. (https://sproutpeople.org/seeds/ for what looks like a good source and more ideas. Be aware that although they do organic, their prices seems rather premium to me so keep cruising your local people and other sites until it all fits for you.)

More perspective, the first alfalfa seeds I bought in the late 70’s at the coop in Santa Monica cost about $2.00 pound. Can’t do that today for organic! Remember, you are worth whatever you decide you can afford.

And it all pays off. Lucky for us, we do not have to teach body what to do with food, it already knows in molecules and short seconds how to do it! And, it might be that you and I are on this page with the idea that a quality life is really worth whatever it takes to create it: education and day to day diligence for the best we might wish for.

The perk: I love to watch people’s faces when I reveal that I am in the early stages of 9 decades, alive, vital and slowly becoming a little wiser. Thank you very much.

And have I said: bon appétit?

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