Remembering Gilda’s Wisdom

SNL’s Aykroyd and Belushi may be easy to recall but how about our darling, Gilda Radner?

“It’s always something.” will live in herstory (what scholarship would be without chauvinism) which is at least as long as I am rolling the ‘hood.

So, there is a new ‘something’ that we have going on around our world: the story of another coronavirus!

What is known for sure: it’s a weaponized situation. Veterans Today sources tell us that three weeks before the first outbreak, a UN team showed up in Wuhan. Of course, there is no direct line cause and effect to be found but from high quality intel, there is considerable correlation of events that are taking place. And the whole game is fraught with pretty sleazy stuff. Give yourself the benefit that there is a great deal more you will never know.

But all of that is so far out of our daily round of life that even with certainty that this is a good report, the relevance to us personally is quite remote. What is much more to the point and for our benefit is to recognize when we are being propagandized. And just to be clear, we wish to understand ourselves enough to know when we are susceptible to the propaganda dish of the day. For instance, parents of young children may be susceptible to propaganda about vaccines; as an old person, I might be very sensitive to words about my Canadian pension and subsidies.

This being 2nd March now, we have had something like 4 weeks to absorb the words and talk down some of the panic in our own hearts. While I do not know what you are listening to I know that you have heard some of the story of a virus pandemic along with notes from Italy, elsewhere in Europe and from here on the North American side; the east principally China, Japan and Korea. We cannot escape the negative comments about China, her people and her government along with pure nonsense of the conditions that actually exist in their country and what it means to them who like us are personal in their own lives.

This is where I went with all of the propaganda, all the medical stuff, all the government stuff and all my own old lady stuff (none of us desire to become sick!) Here:

It may seem like the back door, but are we not working again on the issue of fear? No, I do not wish to become unwell. Rather, I pay attention to what it takes to support body’s high form and function over time. And I really work at continuing education, not at a community college, but here in my living space I read and study something every day. The whole idea being that I am fortifying both my physical health and my mental well being by every means I am aware of. When body is balanced, these insidious anxieties and other states have no hand hold in the heart and mind, that’s a perk, my dear readers! To be able to stand relaxed before a huge storm of controversial nonsense with only a slight shrug shows a lot of personal power. Go with that!

It’s through episodes in life like this, that I renew praises to my mentor, Raven, for showing me how to erase the triggers to fear that lived in my body. As you have opportunity now to test yourself during a media storm that might sweep you along with it; or that it might just as easily be the final storm of irrational fear that you will ever have. Check it out!

And Please. Let me know how it goes! Ok?

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