Virus of Fear

We are fortunate, you and I, we live in interesting times! If you are like me, you have found somewhere, be it your home or elsewhere, to stay put for a while. In times of crisis, it seems wise to me to avoid getting embroiled in conversations fueled by panicking fear. Organizations like our building management, typically put out instructions!

There is an old line some older people toss around: I was not born yesterday.

I heard from my mother when I was a kid a little about the 1919 outbreak of the flu. Her family was in a small town, she was sick and I infer that so was her brother, my Uncle Bob. In a world population of something around 3 billion, a higher percentage died than at present.

What is most fascinating to me is the Fear. Several ladies in the building here have talked briefly to me about their worries. One lady has a runny nose, sniffles and coughs a lot but, my observation says she has a cold, not the flu but what she really suffers from is Fear. It’s making her far more miserable with this cold than any other previous ones because this one has a tag attached to it that says pandemic, global pandemic of Fear. This one is a very big wave and a great many people have never been near the kind of emotional surfboard it takes to ride this wave safely to shore.

The core fear is fear of death. Yet here we are on the planet connected globally by nanosecond technology to the fear itself, the fear that lives in 7 something billions of us human people, the fear of death, and our own personal foreboding concerning that moment coming when our body will cease and, it is said, we die.

Here is where this issue of Raven’s Medicine begins.

First part is about the virus. We live in a world where there are numbers of us who hold beliefs in the final destruction of the world. Some of these believers are at the helm of various organizations around the world that have the stated goal to make a great deal of money for their stock holders. These people play a game of checkpoint: only if you have a game card do you get to play and win. The rest of us are losers. Whoops!

Second part is about me/you. I’m sitting here tonight contemplating what might be my considered ideas about all this. I have notably even to me, not been writing in the Raven for a while. I made up my mind a while ago to ignore the ideas of all the mainstream bloggers, and just do exactly what I wished to do when I wished for it to be. You have been treated to the journey down another rather obscure road. Thanks for hanging in there! And, please remember to invite your equally curious friends to take a bug out bag and stay!

Atira has asked its tenants to stay in our spaces; there is a list of appointments for the gym, no movie nights. I can come and go for groceries and to get some sun time around the wider area here but nothing is open except. So here I am with myself.

My primary activity with myself these days is about self therapy. I’m realizing that over these 50! years, I have learned and practice a substantial library of what I’ve called ‘little therapies’. This is intense learning therapy because I am responding to a deep change in the style of my life, and, it seems that the Great Universe has decreed that I shall have some soul time to work it all out.

The issue of fear does not cross my heart mind; I still laugh as the crow and seagulls mash around the buildings having entirely too much fun. And I take care of my day to day health in order to have the vitality I wish to have now.

Fear cannot govern activity for thriving. Fear is entropy. In panic, the rational mind shuts down in the adrenalized soup in the brain, frenzied and out of control. I’m too old for that kind of stuff! Give it up! Fine with me. Nope, I got out my sewing machine and since some kind of glitch prevents winding bobbins, I am winding bobbins by hand in order to sew.

FDR, bless’em sent out the simplest of truths: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.


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