Corona Who?

Are you done yet? If you are anything like me, you are not sick. While you may have had the flu from time to time, you are not sick today. I have never had the flu. There is a definite dividing line between those who sincerely and righteously put their health in a priority and the rest who do not. I was sick to begin my life, I am motivated! And, this is my 81st year! I’m still motivated and defying the odds as well. It comes under the category: Know yourself!
So, it’s a lockdown. Are you even a little amazed at how little it took for the big guy controllers to make it happen? Less than about 90 days and here we are at home everywhere around the world. Oh, sure, there are exceptions but those of us in this kind of government, are surely locked into our homes. And we are stir-crazy! Seeding fear amongst us was a brilliant plan! Were you taken in, wrapped up, boxed, and confined to barracks? Hmmm!
Me? I’m not docile. I think for myself! Well, when I look around, I am the only one here to do it! Go figure!
Vancouver is quiet, very little traffic on the streets, buses are mostly empty and so is the sky train. Trees and flowers do their budding tender green leaves all over the park trees (glorious!), snowdrops, daffodils, tulips, heather, japonica, all colors, and sweet aromas!
Street people cannot do anything much except what they have always been doing: making it on the pavements. FU! Amazingly, someone in the city saw that water fountains and porta-potties are useful! Stores are closed and throughout our downtown, there are plywood sheets covering the windows of many stores: angry, addicted people throw stones and they do graffiti: wonderful, luridly colorful, and cryptic!
The local park is packed with people and their very unruly tents, shelters, fire pits, dogs, old junk, new junk, dirty clothes along with head-shaking amazement, holding donated food in their hands delivered by young people wearing their face masks! The Chinese built two 1000 bed hospitals in Wuhan in 10 days. Might all of this be a demonstration of our collective true humanity, of our human style solidarity?
And so, dear Friends, Spirit rises from its own ashes to soar upwards and outwards in our midst. Let us be inspired!
Fear is the contagion, and it is deadly: to natural intelligence, to empathy, to our own reasonable responses to health and comfort, and to our very lives. Bottom line: this has been engineered as an experiment in global control.
How are you doing? What do you believe now? Has anything changed as you have been watching all this going on in your home, your neighborhood, your local government, around the world? What is your personal prognosis in the face of this? Who are you today? What has changed in you and why? I always go with: I need to know!

Please: do not be an easy sell. Stand up and face yourself: your own fear, your own apprehension, your own ignorance. Ignorance is pretty easy: read, learn, listen, keep an open mind and heart. Take care of yourself!
I do not have answers that are pertinent to you. I have been responding to myself, noticing my own worst habits that just do not support my creativity or my usefulness as a writer, as an old Grandmother. What do we do to sabotage ourselves, to talk ourselves out of our own good? Whew!
What are we learning that we could not learn any other way?
There is an enormous something within each of us that is available to our own lives, our own best decisions, our finest motivations to support, assist and give of our time to help our people everywhere. I keep resurrecting the Raven for this purpose when sometimes I think nothing much is this important. Well, it is important. Let it be so for you, too! And, how can I motivate you today to let me know your best thoughts? Please write in and share. OK?

In the words of one of those lovelies’: Reese Witherspoon, as Elle Wood in Legally Blonde:
IT’S TIME TO GET SERIOUS! You are the reason you are here. We owe ourselves!
Bon appétit!

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