When did you first become acquainted with Murphy? I have gone steady with this guy at different times in my life just about enough to be thoroughly over any sort of passion I might have had.

Who are you lucky ones never to have encountered the likes of Murphy? And for the fewer, who have never known a Murphy moment, let us illuminate the primary Law so we all know what we are talking about.

Murphy’s Law: what can go wrong, will.

There are some who have, indeed, encountered Murphy but he failed to introduce himself. This might be the first time you are noticing that he has his own personal law that he seeks to make a world phenomenon. Murphy found himself some accomplices to lock down the world thereby causing a very large number of people too smart uncomfortably under all that it takes us to “shelter in place”, yup, with our being forcibly confined to barracks everywhere.

To me, the whole coronavirus scandal is not a very BIG surprise. I’m old enough now for a lot of things I was not eligible for in my youth. But, what has not escaped my vision is the approximately 90-day time lag from the first word that I read to a nearly complete lockdown of the world! We are witness to our not quite ready for prime time leaders caving into their own fear and ignorance, never mentioning the gigantic hubris of the purveyors of control that say “we know best”.

Then the whole of it got to be up close and personal, not just for me but for many millions of our people; and then some are sick, and, yes, some have died, quite a lot like the winterly flu season that regularly keeps millions around the world off sick but with a death rate of less than 1%. This was too normal, too easy. The virus had to be tweaked with a much more reliable bioweapon and then tweaked again to target different types: Chinese, Italian, and Iranian as a start. There are drones now to sprinkle confetti virus around and about everywhere. Neat, huh!

I’ve been in my wee place now since 2nd week in March. I can go out and about to take care of my obvious needs but the building, in April, does not allow visitors here. I roll around the neighborhood, talk to the ones I’m getting to know, and to extend a calm, loving, and kind hello to everyone I can. Street people are highly resilient, nothing much is easy for them, they are malnourished, broke, often addicted to anything from beer to heroin and totally at the effect of the weather patterns and heavy police scrutiny which regularly sends them packing where there is no other where to go!

The stores that are open are militarily patrolled by newly hired uniforms, the store people are wearing masks and gloves and even those wrap-around plexi-plastic helmets. It’s all quite bizarre; in fact, the closet Nazis are at the cash registers taking money in their regulation plastically gloved hands. Ring.a.ding ding!

But what’s going on is something even more sinister. It’s the kind of dark stuff that leaves us shaking in our boots. And that is exactly the Plan in place. The fear itself is a pandemic, a condition that renders logical thinking extinct at that moment. Understand that it is not possible to properly assess your situation, or make any useful decisions in a state of fear.

In my experience, at that all-consuming moment of abject fear, best to do nothing. Then later, allow the inner voice to restore itself to sense, and with the skill that has miraculously appeared, trust yourself to do what you know is best. I can roll here in my funky ghetto neighborhood without feeling fearful, wary, or suspicious. At this magical time being 80 something, I am free to give my best jokes, my best validations! Could you handle this kind of fun?

So, my dear friends, what’s next? Well, truth, we do not yet know details rather only some scary idea that involves the population of the world to be vaccinated and implanted or tattooed with our complete medical records at the ready before we will be permitted to leave the house. That’s a serious “whoops”! There is even conversation that refusing can lead to permanent isolation, a prohibition from entering buildings, transportation including air, local subways, or buses. This once again looks quite a lot like top-down control of the entire global population. Have you heard of the New World Order? How about the name: Bill Gates? How about this: read again, 1984! There’s a clue!

I went to grade school in 1945. That was the time when Mr. Truman unilaterally, even after the Japanese leader’s surrender, dropped the first two nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What were we innocent six-year-old kids told about that?

“Oh, just crouch under your desk, everything will be fine.”

Might that be an indication of the mindset in place to proceed with what is happening right now? It just might be, of course, that the scale and scope of ignorance, apathy and a lot of that fundamentally apocalyptic attitude have in no way abated among either leaders or the multitude of ordinary humans.

We are, as a humanity, a pretty vulnerable group. Collectively, we believe. The fear of death is pervasive and self-righteous: I’m going to heaven because I’m so good!

After the first days when I was still silly, I used the time to reorganize myself around the idea of plenty of solo time here in my place. It is my recommendation that you use the quiet to pay attention to yourself and what your life means as never before.

Nothing much of what we have known is going to continue.

The authors of the situation itself and the mobilization of countless systems of governance around the world are part of a comprehensive plan that has been forming over centuries. This scenario is powered by the kind of insanity that will stop at nothing to achieve the goal of a dominating agenda (Check out “The Georgia Guidestones”.) calling for a physical culling of approximately 90% of humanity, a full emotional, and spiritual control that will enable the elite (the ones who compromised themselves going along to get along) to accumulate ever more millions, luxury homes, thriving business exploitation and an even greater spread between We the People, and “Them”, the 1% in charge.

What does it really mean to you to Take Back Your Power?

Take back your own personal power of vision, of decision, command the peace abiding deeply within you, some would say buried in you! I’m deeply involved in that inventory. I can report only a view of a new direction in my life but there are no easy or obvious answers at the moment. Let that be OK for you not to have a ready answer. And, please, I am doing my best to take my own advice before giving it away. We all know what free advice is worth!

So we are here at a boundary moment in our collective human history. It’s a leap that I took when I was 17, in 1957. I understood, for the first time, I cognited quite definitely that I was on my own, that there were none that I could count on to support or assist me. So, my darlings, what did I do then?

It was automatic. I didn’t know what I was doing; I was bravely doing what I saw was the best for me at that precise time. I gently and sagely began my spiritual journey, a blazingly, breathtaking Grail moment, my first step on The Path. I focused myself on the divine within me: the Higher Power. She, it is who guides me, she is me and she is so much more than a simple personal me. We are all from the same source; some choose light and some choose the dark side. We are responsible only for ourselves.

We will make it. Your body will die, my body will die, but we, as our divine selves do not die. Love is Forever. It’s always now. Bon Appétit!

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