Wots going on?

There is a new game being played but very few of we the people have any idea what it is. The stories are focused on a sickness now devastating a lot of ordinary people, their families, their neighbors, and spreading through countries around the world.

What this really shows me (and quite likely many others here and there) is that it’s been a very long time (like centuries!) since we knew anything much of what is really going on. We, collectively, are being systematically lied to, led astray, and otherwise steered away from meaningful knowledge. The people in charge have taken over the games with an agenda that we can barely comprehend. Even when we examine deeply, we are nonplussed by what shows as uncompromising hatefulness. When I check it out, it looks and feels pretty slick, and it’s showing itself to be bigger than most of us together! Many of us have difficulty wrapping our heads around this degree of nastiness and pure evil.

And, well, a whole lot of our people are sick; they are sick of some kind of virus that we are told is everywhere, that we must isolate and keep our distance from each other while we get out to do our essentials: groceries, gas for the car, needed medicines. Everywhere we look around at our people, we see masks hiding their faces, turning each of us into some kind of zombie, our eyes only staring out at the world. It’s turned us into caricatures of our selves.

The question that keeps rising to the surface of my mind: are we really dealing with this “coronavirus”, is it our usual flu, or what really is it? Personally, I am very skeptical of the whole thing. Call it a deep erosion of trust affecting everyone but noticed by only a few. I’m plenty pissed off and I’m also using the necessity of being here in my place, to work out for myself what the next phase of my life is going to look like. Nothing much is clear at this point: I’ve been mostly at home since the 2nd week in March (yup, 2 ½ months!) and there does not seem yet to be a definitive end to this.

In terms of a step toward containing the entire world in a controlled economic and political reality, the game is showing itself to have tapped into the collective weakness of our fellow humans. I know this for sure, at the age of 81 and counting, I am thankful to observe myself as part of a small number of people (especially older ones) who are truly healthy enough to overcome almost any kind of infective agent, let alone an especially virulent bioweapon that we are told is everywhere.

At the end of the day yesterday, that was my take on our situation. This Friday morning, I have come again to a web site I have visited many times to glean from their words some degree of knowledge and information leading to an understanding of present conditions. These are two I watch and read: Mercola.com and Veteranstoday.com.

At the center of the controversy is an individual leader who has compromised himself repeatedly, and enough that certain leaders in other parts of our world are realigning themselves with other wisdom to respond not only for the people of their own nations but also in cooperation with other large nations as well. They build confidence in their citizens, in themselves and in others leaders opening to a much larger conversation.

Remember this? What we are saying is Give Peace a Chance!

Remembering that our news is largely cherry-picked so that we learn only what will maintain our fear, our panic, our willingness to comply with rules that cannot be justified was there real science to be found at the core of these decisions to confine and scare the living daylights out of ordinary people. But there is in different parts of our society a rising up of natural wisdom, of natural and decisive caring for our close families and for our near neighbors in the next block, in the next street and in our towns and cities.

So, dear Friends, I’m passing on the rather passionate advice of a couple of lovely much older ladies who about 45 years ago allowed themselves to give me some most welcome advice:
Picture this sweet, short rather elegantly dressed and coifed elder lady, who, with tiny white hands, pounded emphatically one on the other:
Never. Never. Never. Never, give up!

I listened and, I can report that I haven’t folded at any time through any of those inevitables that have cropped up in my life. Take hold of this resolve, do your own personal inventory, and go for it. A true platitude to remember now: the only thing you have to fear is fear itself. Bon Appétit!

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