It’s not a conspiracy!

Dear Friends, Many of you in my Mail Chimp account for the Raven know me personally. Believe you me that I am very thankful you have been hanging in there as well as you have. Surely, we are both in it and out of it, productive and damn lazy, perplexed as well as certain that we, ourselves, are not infected by whatever this is that has been set loose here in our world.
For many, it is simply inconceivable that the mind of some people is tilted into the depths of evil, selfish, arrogant and disdainful, full of greed, thoughtlessness, and a thoroughly plain nasty state of mind. How can people sponsor this kind of evil in themselves? What’s in it for them? Some media reminds us: follow the money! Hmmm!
We encounter every day people with lesser aberrations of this kind of thinking: people cut us off in the flow of traffic all the time; the people next door put up fences and block their drives to keep their neighbours out; the corner grocery stores’ elevate prices knowing very well people are stressing about not having money in a pocket to buy a packet of cigarettes, never mind baby food, or truly clean bottled water.

What’s really going on? It does seem like a massive conspiracy, does it not? But there is a little more to it. Have you been able to work out that what we are dealing with here is not human in its origin? Is this really our true human mind?

I don’t think so. Have you have actually stopped to contemplate what might be the real cause of all this amazing evil? There are ideas and even some evidence out there to learn and understand.
I have been fortunate over my time here; I have met and conversed with many different kinds of people; such as those ordinary or privileged by money or education. There are ethnic minorities in my midst even here in the ghetto of Vancouver: I remind my Indian friends that white folk do not realize how much they need the nations here among us, our first and true native Americans. There are Chinese homes, businesses, and community projects here in the next block. By using some of their traditional medicine, I am changing the entire end game of my life with plant-based medicine to regenerate the systems of my body. Their ethnic heritage helps me but holding a bad attitude about China or their culture is debasing the hearts and minds of many.

Any kind of bad attitude victimizes first of all the one who holds the ideas. They are putting themselves down under the corrupted feelings they spout into their world.
Its Sunday afternoon here, quiet on the streets, silent in our hallways, I’m here in my small studio place writing a blog but not cleaning the bathtub! The purpose of this article is not to give you any kind of easy answer, nor to persuade you to be in some kind of “happyness”!

Today, I’m thankful to have the ability to soberly and wisely assess my personal situation in the midst of a messed up world all around me. My one voice of logic and reason cannot undo a global game of disinformation, incorrect or plainly and insultingly bad, leading the unwary and ignorant astray from their natural kindness and compassion. I’m not buying any of it! If this is working, you will no longer be as trusting of any information. Dig deeper! Verify everything! And, please, keep on it!

Remember: there is no “out there” out there! It’s all IN HERE, we are always within ourselves, and so is your local world, your greater world, and the greater Universe: It is all within you! It’s all within me as well. It is one of our wonderful paradoxes. My teachers told me: Embody the Paradox!

What this shows me is this: Yes, there is a global game happening that we are not in charge of. Each of us is in charge only of our own world, our own hearts, our own compassion, kindness, and wisdom. We, alone, can make a much bigger plan for ourselves, our families and friends beyond both the local coercion and assorted crap, beyond that slaying attitude which divides us from our true spiritual reality of Love, capitalized! And I can also attest that when you come to that place of peace and grounding in yourself, you will be able to look into yourself and your world and understand. That’s the true perk in this! You will know what to do and what to simply leave alone entirely.

The Wisdom Path will be clear, and while I cannot know what that will look like for you, I can say, you, yourself will know. Bon Appétit!

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