I Am Unity.

There has accumulated a definite perk to having been born into a damaged body. The body did not work properly; a challenge for anyone, especially a kid in the early half of the 20th century. Well, I made it and I learned from the whole of it. The body was fixed when I was 30: I began in earnest my quest for health. Well, I’m here to say that quests grow and morph and reveal sometimes even the lowest common denominator that has to come up for healing. My best thought on this is to keep going learning and doing until you feel really good.

Then later it became clear that creating a high degree of healthful functioning in the body would support taking the road beyond coke, burgers, and S.A.D! (Standard American Diet) I am in no way responsible for McDonald’s market share. In my whole life, 2 glasses of coke! I’ve never had the flu!
I am Unity.

I am responsible for my own well being. I am my own best teacher not because I know so much but because I am voraciously curious. I ask questions and I highly recommend that you check out more questions. Also watch people, observing their body language, their verbiage, their walk, and their running. I discover where I am a fit and where I am not.
We may sometime soon be writing lines like this one: In the time of Coronavirus!

In the time of Coronavirus!, I found myself locked down at home in a clean, new, well planned, entirely adequate space suited to my energies where the major topic of my day was and is my wellness. I am well. I am grateful for my dedication and courage because as I churn out 9 decades, life has mostly cleared up. Whew, peace within!
The first requisite to establishing true immunity along with cleaning up your wellness is this: ya.gotta.wanna! The bottom line, it has to be important enough to you to be vital, alive, and smart as you mature and later get to the old parts. There is a cross over between “older” and plain “old”!
I’m old enough now I can tell the old men they are cute! Well, being is a lot more fun.

What else? You need some reliable data: your blood type will teach you what body will digest, how it creates its immunity, and how it spends immunity to keep you from losing it to some kind of virus. EatRight4YourBloodType

Next, it’s important to know what to eat and a plan for when to eat. Start with what’s for dinner. Next, learn what it takes to have the vitality you wish and the weight range that suits your life. Check out Mercola.com, his info is authoritative; use the link here because he is not easily found any more now he is so well known as being right on!

Investigate thoroughly the corruption of the food supply. What is a GMO exactly? What is a confined animal feeding operation CAFO? What is monoculture? What is the effect of pesticides on the vital insect pollinators? I got poisoned with Roundup when my friend in ignorance sprayed her yard and garden: I’m partly deaf, it put a hole in one ear. What about climate change, sort out the realities, and the noise? What is the real truth about vaccines, cancer treatments, environmental toxicity, drone warfare, whom can you trust, how about a cop?

This is BIG. Did you avoid a hospitalization during this craziness called Coronavirus? Give yourself a break: so far so good. Keep at it; let it be you make 90 along with me, and then 100!
The whole thing of well being, well thinking, and having a good time is in your hands entirely, you are in charge. The driver is your choice. Personally I like being able to write a blog with the support of my terrific web guy. So: I choose organic because I simply cannot make an equation out of saving money over long term happiness, strength, the ability to continue to enjoy my time here.
Immunity. I am Unity.

This is the other part of the perk! From those early days in 1971, I knew that one of my prayers had been answered. When I was first in California, talking to acquaintances who were doctors I understood quickly from their conversations that I was on my own for my health and well being. Have I said it before? I needed a bigger idea.

So, I got into my old-time Buick convertible car and drove north to the high desert near Lancaster, found the property where I was permitted to be, parking inside the fence, and set myself down on a rock to have a particular conversation with the Higher Power.

I had been taught and I had listened to the directions to speaking my inner truth as a declaration of intent.

“Uni! I know I am responsible for my health. I know nothing! I need a technique that I can do for myself and for others, it has to work no matter what is going on for everyone at all times, and it must be easy, I do not wish to go to school for 8 years. Thank you very much. I took a wander around the property and inspected the well-weathered small cottage at the curve of the drive.
Within a period less than 30 days, I was following the lead of a flyer from my health food store to an old motel complex deep in the valley now buzzing with women finding training for a lot of new, different jobs. I enrolled in Japanese Acupressure and Kung Fu. Go figure! Here I am only about 50 years later on a keyboard reporting on those first days once again.
I call this part the meta; it’s in the realm of the master programs coming out of the spiritual understanding that the body is the vehicle through which we practice life as a spirit wearing a human bodysuit. In these times, we may piggyback on the knowledge of spiritual intent.

Let’s now put all this together so that our self-knowledge (I am Unity) becomes comfortable with body’s (Immunity). It becomes clear perhaps after those early astonishments that it’s all quite wonderful.

And here we are, dear Readers, in the midst of our various views of the world. The stuff itself asks for a clear heart and mind to understand what is real and what is a story. That’s I am Unity, and, I am well. Immunity! What you come up with is true for you. Let these ideas trickle like a little brook through your summer mind that renewal takes place in the amazing relationship that is with the body. Each of us is recognized by our body and we, as I am, are not our bodies. It’s another crisp paradox to check out when things get too predictable.
The next thing coming is some conversation about EMF. Lol.a

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