July 6, 2018: day 364.

Last night with my friend Lance, at one of Vancouver’s premier franchise restaurants, along with the rich and wishing to be famous, in the center of the all new glamor real estate towering to ever higher altitudes, I gleefully imbibed two quite marvy, very classy margaritas.

If I am going to be a little tiddly, then give me a pour of mellow Guinness stout in a tall glass or a masterfully constructed tequila beverage in a cocktail. This allows for the maximum elevation of fun awareness and a sharpening of the razor of the mind so there can be cogent conversation and witty observations of the state of things general and particular.

Suffice to say, we two old friends, had a really great time together. Imagine that this fellow, only 4 years younger than I, used to go out with my daughter way, way back in the days when we first met. Rather later, after she had moved on to other pastures, he passed on this fine tribute: “I was really looking forward to your being my mother-in-law!” With that, we decided to dispense with any formalities and simply continue where we had left off.

He gave me 4 greeting cards. I’m somehow not a card kind of person thinking same old same old and an innate frugality. He is a master chooser out of probably millions of choices. They also came in a particular order so there was a progression of sentiment to add to the fun.

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