July 7, 2018: day 363

I’m there are already getting into this diary-memoir-blog thing, beginning to coast a little on the creative brilliance of making a mindful count down of these days to the end of 8 decades. It is turning into somewhat of an explanation, certainly due to the confusion of the celebration of birthdays.

We celebrate our first birthday after we have been on the planet for a year. I celebrated my 79th birthday a couple days ago after I had been on the planet for a full 79 years. Then, there are 365 days remaining to end – these 8 decades! Now I am sure that we are together on this whole game.

If there is any one thing I have learned over these years from that first day in 1939, it is that we are here to have a really good time, to have fun.

Well, do you know it did take a few years to achieve that state where fun became first. Seems so many of us human people believe in the world, in our own story of the world and in the need to do something meaningful for the world as we make our way through each day’s progression around the sun.

I do not believe in the world and I do not believe that I am here to do what the world would have of me. My personal stance is that the world is here for me to teach me what I need to learn to evolve.

This has not been a recent thought for me. It came well before I began to search for understanding of what the Great Universe truly is, its quantum nature, its totality of a geometric perfection ever evolving within itself where neither time or space exist. The more I understood from reading physics and the more I perceive following my inclination and the guidance of teachers of meditation, the more I understand that it is all frequency, all a vibratory reality existing here as illusion fostered by both our physical and etheric brains which oscillate at an average of 13 Hz and higher.

Surely, we can knock on the wood of the table, bang on the keys of the computer keyboard, walk the streets, the gardens, the forests and the beaches and swim in the waters. And like the fishes who, if asked, would be surprised by ‘water’, we may equally be non plussed by ‘atmosphere?”

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