July 18, 2018: Day 352: Wednesday, I love men,

I just don’t want them at home! This was a very fine day for a few good men and a woman.

As I was drowsing myself awake this mid morning, I turned on the phone to hear immediately a couple of those tell-tale warnings of messages. it brought the day into focus very quickly!

Checking these out, I discovered that a very fine mechanic fellow was ready to deliver my own power wheel chair after having a loaner for about 3 ½ weeks. This was to be the first thank you and very good news. I admit I was ready to meet him in person after having had a number of good conversations with him over the past weeks by telephone and text during the time that he has been overseeing the rehabilitation of the chair. It was all to happen in about a half an hour.

Tout suite, I got it together with one of my becoming famous nutritional blended drinks, pulled together the charger on the loaner machine ready to send it back to my friend at Red Cross, pulled myself together and bolted out the door downstairs to wait at the curb.

I have very good mechanic’s karma. I’ll pass on the secret: when you find just that perfect person, you hand over the job to him and let him take care of it entirely, keeping out of his way while he does what he knows to do a lot better. Then, when he announces that he is ready, I dig into the stash and bring out the entire bill in cash money and when he delivers, I hand it to him with a really big smile of appreciation on my face and vociferous verbal thank yous for a job well done. Cash is class and that enables him to choose if he wishes to make an invoice or to simply keep the cash in his back pocket. Works every time, I’m here to tell you and I make a fine craftsman willing always to help me out. Girls like their stuff to work and often a good mechanic is just the man for the job.

There is another quite different gentleman in my world to whom I make a bi-monthly pilgrimage to his office for his practice of some very skilled acupuncture. He is a Chinese trained from both Taiwan and mainland China now living here with his wife and young son. I well understand after almost 50 years of relationship with the Chinese model of health and well being that skilled support from well trained people is a welcome addition to my own work on myself and my attention to a superior diet. I owe my vitality to this understanding.

At any age, well being and robust energy is a critical aspect to enjoying all the best there is in life.

Two fine men helped me out today. What is the best way to keep them happy? Praise them righteously and sincerely and network their skills to others. What goes around comes around. Now where have I heard that one before?

Now, to our lady, the last person on my list today who has been making my life even better in this building where I am currently situated. After living about 2 and a half years in charity run organizations of emergency shelter, I have been very grateful to become situated in this small bachelor apartment in a quite lovely brand-new place with a southern view over the roofs of the buildings across the city. There has been now, since April, an ongoing struggle to get my tenancy situation straightened out so that all the terms of my lease can be fulfilled: their supply of my space and my supply to them of rent and damage deposit. It is because of this outreach worker’s very fine and diligent work that it might actually work out now after April that I am almost equal in all respects with them. Gratitude!

What is that word once again: Thank You Very Much.

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  • July 31, 2018 at 12:24 am

    Wonderful! I love the look of your new website and the ease in which I can find your other posts. Love the photos as well, though some tug at the heart.


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