July 19, 2018: Day 351: Thursday, Rolling once again!

I’ve owned vehicles most of 50 years in my past life; many of them automobiles and lately a couple of Ford vans one of which I drove about 25 years and wore out two engines; the second larger, a Ford 352 is parked somewhere in the tropical downpours of El Valle de Anton, Panama it’s ultimate fate out of my hands.

A power wheel chair is a vehicle as such and it takes in a different way, what the larger, gas eating machines that I have had before take to keep them on the road.

I have very good mechanic’s karma and a couple of very good stories about that from my history. Imagine that I have applied the same general principles to vehicle maintenance to the issues of the chair; and likewise, imagine how totally thankful I am that my guy has restored my chair for me and to me yesterday afternoon. I am rolling once again having sent the loaner chair back to the Red Cross who has given me this one for the duration.

So, this was a day to catch up all those things that had gone by the way side: a trip to Costco for carrot juice and salad for smoothies, butter and crackers. This was a day to hop to the bank and download a little for my pocket to last to the end of the month. I made it to the library to collect an old movie to spruce my after-hours entertainment watching on my computer. And finally to London Drug local to collect a lotto ticket and across the atrium square for a Haagen Daz treat after the movie.

It is probably a lot about simple days. This one was capped by the visit of two ladies working out of UBC nursing school bringing an interview for me to respond to concerning a “Strength” project for women requiring many different kinds of social services. We had a lively discussion for close to two hours.

What I surely discovered in print form of their questionnaire is that I really do not live in the world the same way that many people do. Surely, women who have experienced violence in their lives are quite different from me but there is a lot more to it than that.

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