August 24, 2018: Day 317, 316, 315: The phrase is welcome: TGIF!

it’s been a  l o n g  week. The forest fires burning up country are still burning even though there is every effort being made to put out fires. The smoke has been blanketing our coastal areas literally down to about a mile visibility across the city. It’s been a pall. The sun at night is pale bronze. At some point, I must stay in doors much of the time. No one likes this and there are as many responses to what it takes to endure as there are people. My way is probably considered stoic which means for me I do what I can and then the rest of the time I don’t do. Pretty easy.

The electronic network is a tireless signal saturating us with wifi in-coming radiation which also can add to the energy drain. And there with the whole of this World Wide Web is ever aloft in the airwaves somewhere. You see this is the way I’ve been getting along through a time of dismal shrouded light, unbreathable atmosphere all of it on a slow simmer on the back burner at 90 degrees. Really mean days!

I stay here and I listen. Then I watch the birds. I noticed nearly right away the seagulls were many fewer in the smoky pall, my guess is they stay off shore bobbing in waves. The street people like this dry weather. It is just not conceivable what they must be doing to sleep in the wet and cold. In the hot steaming August, they are leaning into the building across the street with their pitifulls spread out on the pavement waiting for coin. What do I need to learn today to grow up all over again?

Besides all that, this is the first place since down the block on Haro Street in 1993. Since that time, I have been mostly in a couple vans, mostly on the road. Here I am in a new phase of what life is showing what’s here for me. Here is a place, a small studio single with 4pc. bathroom and a closet big enough for a place like this, a kitchen and space and southerly light a view that looks a particularly green park area in the metro. I can be here as long as I need to be. The building is owned and managed by a group of people who wish to help their people and make a modest profit to make it righteous everywhere. Although I’m in pretty good wit, having my back covered is a very big thing.

So, this really has been a count-down to rediscover myself in a city environment all in the heart of about the worst opioid crisis ever. I’m aware that the issues of the day are worthy of writing and here I am with a website which I wish to enrich with the local sights and sounds. Of course, there is more to it than that, but it is yet early in the game. It’s taken these days to find the groove for these commentaries. First, I decided the let them take their own course; that’s when the wobble began and now we have come through this sort of intersection from whence onward we go.

So, thanks for persisting.  I’m including myself in the round of applause.  Let us see what the weekend will bring!

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