Health and Well Being 8: About 25 little therapies

Dear friends, now that we have a foundation set beneath our feet, we can move around a little. It is a given that we assimilate the programming of our parents for better or for much worse. I have enjoyed many sparkling moments of a belated happy childhood with young parents and their children soaking up the love and care that was not part of my early life. I repeat this very large truth here as I begin to pass on to you a useful group of small therapies that add together to create a lot of well being. Because I had been born into a body that simply did not work properly, that required the good work of two doctors to make right for me in 1969 just at my 30th birthday, I have been supremely motivated since that time to create my own health. I knew I had never been healthy and it was body and mind and heart. The better I became at it, the less dependant I have become on doctors or their debilitating drugs. These articles are intended to pass on to you some of the therapeutic methods that work and that can work for you over time. Everything that I present here is part of my own life: tried and true, folks and now for you!

So, the first thing on my list here is a skin brush. Take yourself out to a store where you can find natural skin brushes. What you are looking for is a brush with a handle. It is made of some kind of natural bristle: the one I have is called “Yerba Prima” made from the fiber of the yucca cactus. It is both stiff, thorough and gentle. There are other brands but the major criteria is a natural bristle, simple clean construction and a handle so that you can easily reach your back.

What are we up to here? This: the skin organ is the largest surface area and it is part of the water element which centers in the kidney and bladder. Literally, as we brush the skin quite vigorously, we are allowing the body to breathe better and to make it easy for a natural exchange of water: drink in and both sweat and urinate out. Longevity is built into the body in the kidneys.

How do we go about this maneuver? Here it is: begin at your feet and proceed upward. Brush upward on the inside of the legs and downward on the outside. Brush with even, steady strokes. From the legs, proceed upward on the torso toward the heart. Have confidence that you already know what to do: brush your body all over its surface from the feet upward on the legs; from the hands upward to the shoulders; in the front of the torso upward; on the back also upward. Using your fingers to release collected dead skin from the brush as you brush and at the end of the job, wash out the brush and store it in the air to dry. Your body can now breathe much better and by cleansing out the pores of the skin, you make it easier to sweat.

The Finnish have part of their culture related to sauna. Early on, they built small huts with a wood stove in a corner and benches around the walls to sit. In our tech world there are saunas of many types to investigate and to consider as part of your regime at home. It is possible also to take yourself into the market place to enjoy a sauna. Sweating like this allows the body to expel a lot of spent material, toxicity from the world around us, from the kinds of food we eat and from drug residues.

The more the body is supported to do what it already does naturally, the more well being, the more vitality, clarity of mind and warmth of the heart you will have. Nice!

Now, there are a lot of options for saunas. It is useful to do some in depth research into this that is not the purpose of this article: this is an introduction to the concept and some basic how to. Check out: and at each site you will find extensive archives of information in a dictionary of topics. These two are my go to locations for method and science.

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