Health and Well Being 10:

The most important part of a regenerative attitude to your body and its health, is how to convey to you in some kind of understandable language what a huge part of what you believe life is all about is all about your personal relationship with body.
I was born, in 1939 into body that did not work properly. Western medicine had not figured it out at that time and so, my mother did as she was taught by an old German nurse in the two-room hospital in Wells, BC, upcountry from here. When two doctors fixed by body in 1969 just at my 30th birthday, I knew two things for sure: I can live as long as I wish. I am on a quest for health.
In 2016 in March when I was only in my 76th year, I was sent to VGH with a full-blown case of pneumonia, first time ever. I came back from hospital with a wheel chair because my lungs could not support enough oxygen to my heart. I was rolling!
Now I am blogging. I have several favorite topics and my friend built me a website that offers what I need to subject you to some kind of wisdom and understanding of your own body and a few other things. There is a previous article in this series to take a look at an even more primal concept to work with: #6. And thank yourself very much for making it once again. Good for you! My job is to write, and I promise to be diligent.
In stark terms: what I know about how to have a body whose form and function are optimal makes the decades worth hanging around for. From 1973 until I had the encounter with Vancouver doctors in 2016, I had not been in a doctor’s office. I was motivated to learn what I needed to know, and by doing what I learned by experimenting on body, I transformed into what I am as I count down the final year of 8 decades: alive and awake and well in my world. I can go with that! I can have a really good time with that! Is there any better reason? Hmmmmm! I don’t think so!
So, I’m giving you some stories and some information. If you take a good look at all this and if you practice on yourself, you will develop confidence because you can feel better. You will feel better about all of it because you will have accomplished this for yourself. Where I was at 30 there was no one to work this out with and so what I came up with has saved my own life, seems like a pretty good reason to share it all. Remember, this is not medical advice and cannot take the place of your own deep contemplation about your present health; nor can it take the place of earnest and compassionate communications with your choice of health care professional. Pick them well, they will take a big difference. Just remember to make your own the final decision as to how to proceed. You are in charge of your own journey.

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