Spiritual Tech 11: The Global Mindset called ‘Survival.’

Over the years there have been teachers who have shown up for me. How could they have known I was waiting? Some of these individuals appeared before I even understood they were teachers and some of them came and went after an intense 20-minute download.

I remember because I came here to remember and now it is given to give back. The Raven provides my cover, so you do not even have to know anything to have the benefit of these lessons! The only requirement is logging on to www.ravensmedicine.com and reading and then allowing the knowledge to steep in you like a nice cup of tea to drink and enjoy!

A deeply dedicated Taiwanese doctor I once knew told this story to a small group of us attending an evening presentation about his regenerative herbal foods some time in the early 80’s. The story was delivered in a very quiet, very compassionate manner that I have never forgotten. I believe that this story holds for all of us an insight that can definitively alter within us a hidden assumption we collectively and individually hold about who we are as a humanity and may even have an impact on the concept we hold of the matrix.
My relationship to this story gave me a broad hint of my true purpose here on the earth at this transition time of earth history. That makes for a lot of story! But you, dear Reader, are almost used to this: there is a story!
This is what he said:
“Before war was invented, we could sit at our back porch and look out to the forests and the fields and we could ‘see’ the signature of the plants and we understood what they would do for us when we ate them.”
Pause here, please and allow that picture to become clear.

These Chinese made carvings on jade, later tanned hides and wrote on them and hence we have a record. This doctor’s family owns an ancient collection of these writings.

Then, he added this most telling part:
“Then, war was invented and brought upon us. We were forced to learn “survival” and the art of war; we were forced to learn how to use the plants we had to heal wounds and to cure diseases. We were obliged to bring babies into the world in pain. Our societies changed because of this: we lost the ability to vision from the region of the heart chakra. It was necessary to learn to live in a world made of slavery, exploitation, violence, intolerance and the abuse of power. We were required to learn another kind of life that persists to this day: survival. We surely have forgotten our former powers of vision, the art and creativity of our ancient peaceful existence. From this experience, we live with a hidden assumption that it was always like this and that the history and science that is familiar to us is correct. How do we come to understand that nothing is as we are told?

The history that we are told is the history of “survival.” Witness the ‘nightly news’; witness that we many must appear on the job every day to trade our time and talent for someone’s profit while we have scant wages and struggle; sickness and much pain. Witness also that our world show is one of war, crime, disease and poverty. None of this is for our human or planetary benefit. The game that is played around us by those who wield power is not our human game. On top of all this, the whole of it is foisted on us as ‘normal life.” I’m here to offer that it is not normal at all: simply, it is prevalent!

All that is needed is to witness yourself and your friends as you seek the peace and prosperity that you know truly belongs to you. All that is needed is to take a look around the world in the corners, in the side streets, in the fields and forests and watch our people working together for their greater good. It is not a vague dream, there is much going on that is only known by those participating in the peace they are making.

I was in the right place at the right time to listen, to hear and later notice the importance of the message the doctor gave. Then it was important to remember the story as I sat with myself over several months to inventory what it might be like if I were truly peaceful. Imagine that I got quite a lot of insight into the way in which I described myself as peaceful in a world where every day language features that ubiquitous agenda of survival. It is not normal to be adapted to a profoundly dysfunctional, ignorant society.

The whole of it settled nicely as a most satisfying meal that built in me bones and strength of a growing wisdom. And here it is again today to add to the meal on your plate, to nourish something in you that has not been recognized before this moment. Bon appetit!

This is what I am doing now with the message that was given over 30 years ago. The idea has grown; I have told this story to many people over these years. While I do not track what has happened to them, I myself must from time to time, give the message again.
My life has been redefined because of it.

There must be some events, stories and people who have offered you opportunities similar to this. What are you doing today about them? Have you simply shrugged; then obediently risen to the noise of the alarm in the morning to take yourself off to work? Do you rush to buy the newest trendy device? What is really going on for you? Could it be this is the perfect time to check it out. You will always be the one single given in your life. Remember, it is always now.

I am another Pilgrim on the Path; this stuff has made a difference to me and may it be that this small writing will make a difference in you. I cannot presume to know what you will do with this. All I can do is to give back what I know in such a way that you will return over and over to visit the Raven, that you will share this with the people you know and that you will go forward to build the peace we all deserve. And thank you very much!

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