Spiritual Tech 12: The Art of Life: affirmations

This is the story: in the mid 70’s, I knew a Hawaiian Kahuna, a certain gentleman who came to LA seeking medical assistance for a shamanic injury. I volunteered to give him transportation assistance as long as he was in the city. One afternoon he brought with him a small palm sized book written by Dr. Joseph Murphy called simply: Your Subconscious Mind. It was a quick read; it did not take long for me to grasp the basic concept of the little book.
In a clear fashion, Murphy laid out our task: it’s easy to live in the consciousness of our world. Everybody is there with us. What is not so easy is to acknowledge the major role of the subconscious mind wherein lurks all those inconvenient disasters that befall us on our way, the flat tire that leaves us up to our axels in a ditch; the cut on our index finger that just bleeds all over a new skirt; and all those assorted annoyances that spring out of those dark nights. Where does it all come from anyway? The little book explained: the subconscious mind harbors in its deep recesses all the little fears, the stories we make up about troubles that ‘might’ come our way, the burning rages that we stuff during social situations that never seem to cool.; all those things that are hidden and silent and unacknowledged until we are up to our but in alligators!

At the end of the book, only about 46 pages, there was a page entitled: Affirmations.
Under the title, there was a short paragraph which I will paraphrase here:
Instructions to use these affirmations: Read through all these statements and choose the ones that you like. Write them down on a piece of paper. Stand up in front of a mirror, twice a day and read them out loud to yourself.

Well, ok that seemed to be pretty clear. I read through the couple pages following and wrote down one about my health and well being and another one about prosperity. In those days it was a struggle to stay afloat.
This is what happened, within a two-day period: I was hearing words come out of my mouth that I had never heard before.

That’s exactly right: I had to cop quickly to the fact that about 50% of what I was saying, I did not even hear! Literally I was talking myself into all the trouble in my life by affirming the disasters I soon found myself having to cope with. I was setting myself up for road blocks, for heavy expense when that tire blew out, not to say about the toll for the tow truck that dragged me out of the ditch. And what is more, I was listening to a lot of the people around me talking in the same fashion.

I drove people crazy reminding them to pay attention when that was the farthest thing from their minds! But I did hear myself and I did begin to pay attention as I had never done before. And, wouldn’t you know, quite quickly life mostly cleared up for me; at least I was aware now of what I was saying to myself about my life. I have never looked back and neither will you.

So, dear Readers, what is the spiritual tech that is operating here often without our thought or approval. This is it: If you check out again your King James version of the Bible, you will come upon the first words in the Gospel according to St. John. It says there: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God and the Word was with God. Oh, my that is quite clear: unless I am listening to my own words, I am creating the disasters that I wish would not get in my way. The Word(s) we utter make our lives. We are learning about that and now here is some step by step instructions to make it all come to pass. I make the life I wish to have with the Word I speak.
Please check this out for yourself and get back to me if you need some support. I will even write you some affirmations if you wish… and another time I will give you another story and some guidance about writing your own affirmations. Bon Appetit!

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