October 3, 2018: Day 279 and 278: Therapy plus!

In August of 2016, a truck sideswiped me in a cross walk close to the shelter where I was housed for a while. It wiped out the chair that I had and the provincial automobile insurance replaced it with another similar chair. What happened is that my spine whiplashed side to side on impact and that has required over a year of therapy to adjust and readjust. Even when the case itself was settled, there had been unleashed some old childhood trauma centering around concussion.

I went again today to continue the work on releasing that trauma and to realign my skull and neck and to continue the work on whiplash. I am very thankful that in this era, there are young people whose training and skill are literally unmatched even in this time. Some of the therapies there are today have only been acknowledged and practiced by knowledgeable people within about the last ten years. So, it is always a yin and yang thing; I’m happy for the good work that my young friend does for me and I am once again working through those former times of trauma.

It is something to remember for all of us of any age. Body does for itself what it needs to do to maintain balance. That can be a challenge to understand because we are inclined to be rather circumstantial in our thinking: the knife slipped and I cut my finger. It does seem logical but my own training and experience over many years as a therapist myself shows me that our ideas may not have a long enough time line explaining the sundry traumas we undergo. How might I have known that that sideswipe in a crosswalk w, 2018 would bring to the surface suffering from childhood?

Well it did. Yesterday I rolled up town to my friend’s office and after an hour, I was feeling liberated at a new level in my head, neck and face. I came home quite happy, made some supper, took a relaxing bath and went to bed to sleep very well indeed mostly through the night.

This morning I woke up in pain. Whoops! And the whole day has been one of allowing the stress to gradually subside without resorting to analgesics. The therapy really works very well but this morning I would not have been able to attest to that fact. And now after dark, I am writing these two days having just not been able to repeat the resolve of Monday to get up in the morning to write.

Here it is, however and this may very well be part of the why to write this sort of almost daily story about the life I live. I can pass this on to you, dear Reader, let it be. Let your life unfold for you the way it will and instead of giving yourself a bad time about how or why you think it is the way it is, allow and observe yourself even more deeply. I can tell you that today, I am taking my own advice to heart. After all it is pretty bogus if I am giving advice and just not paying attention! I am. And even I am at benefit for it. Please take care of yourself. You are what you have forever.

I know there are also two parts to that one, too. First of all: I am stuck with myself! And, everything I do for myself now will last forever. I can go with that!

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