Health and Well Being 11: A new concept of regenerative medicine.

I very much wish that you are reading all of this website. I set myself the task of writing on these many topics to engage you in an awareness of a wholistic lifestyle with, let it be, some interesting prose to read, digest and pass on.

So, what exactly can be considered regenerative medicine. The first part of this can be found in section 6 here followed by number 7 and now here with the article you are reading. Perhaps with each short article, you will be putting together something for yourself that in practice according to a plan of your own devising, will make a difference to you for the rest of your time here. This might become your very own really big perk.

I had to make my own perk beginning when I walked out of hospital in 1969 with a body that finally worked properly. Do not take for granted that your body works for you, and that it has been doing it quite well often without much support. At 8 decades, just getting vertical in the morning is a perk!

Our western style medicine is mostly about patching you up and alleviating symptoms. There are some bright spots principally in orthopedics and obstetrics. But there is almost no conversation to be had anywhere within the profession about what it might mean to regenerate the body, to create its health and well being. A case can be made that the whole idea that lives in our kind of medicine is that we peak at about 17 and it is a long slow slide downward until the end.

Regeneration as a word has within its boundary the word: gene. The central idea is one of going uphill rather than down and further down. Genes are the expression of our physical heritage; specifically, the cellular body itself.

I remember when I studied Macrobiotics in the 1970’s learning from my learned instructor the idea that I was witnessing a society wide degeneration of the gene pool. He likened the major cause of this was the flood of sugar that came after the end of the Second World War in 1945 when I was in the first grade in school. As I checked it out further, I realized that my own body born out of the Victorian gene pool of my father and mother was much stronger than either of my children who were born through my very unwell body well used by a lot of sugar and a really bad program from childhood. There was also an assault from government in the form of fluoridated water that has had bad effecst on children’s intelligence, now farmed food, pesticides, air emissions from automobiles and industry, drugs both physician-prescribed and street drugs.

Through these intervening years I have continued on my search for better and better health and well being. I am enjoying some of the fruits of my own good work on myself and I am yet on the quest.
How well might I be as I progress through the 9th decade to the 90-year milestone? How well might you be when you learn and practice the art of regeneration on your own body. My job here is to remind you that you can!
Here comes the concept now. Rather than wait for what might be thought of the inevitable breakdown of body integrity, I choose to search for and practice a plan to regenerate body every day beginning with the first fluid of the day, about a litre of water with a couple tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar in it to alkalize my whole digestive tract. I learned from my search that body is alkaline on the inside (all blood types are 7.36 pH, slightly alkaline) and acid on the outside (treat a sunburn or an itch by passing a cut lemon over the skin.)
Next comes my choice of the first meal of the day: a green smoothie made in my trusty Ninja with carrot juice, an avocado, arugula leaves, slices of ginger, a drop of apple cider vinegar, Himalayan pink salt and even the chopped-up seed of the avocado with its very dense concentration of elements what can grow another avocado tree. I will use this array of delicious nutrition in the form of my green drink to grow the body’s tree within. And through the day, I choose another meal later on following the commitment to organic as much as possible, to useful and digestible fats in the form of butter or coconut oil; some quality protein in moderate amounts: only organic eggs, yoghurts, sometimes Chinese farm sourced barbecued pork and so on.

The core principle behind all these various options for eating is this: the body already knows what to do to live and to function properly. It is we who sicken the body with bad ideas and bad deeds, bad food and ignorance, a lot of sugar, alcohol and other kinds of toxic fluids, e.g. soda pop, Gatorade and the like, lack of quality sleep, monumental stress that comes from right in our local environments all the way to the space of the world mind with what we know is a lot about money, sex and power out of control, directed from the lower chakras and turning into what we know as the nightly news: a day like all days altering and illuminating our times
We are living in a mess and we are paying the price in our well being, in infant mortality and in a lowering life expectancy.

I for one, choose to learn something to help myself and to write about it to help some others. I choose to be at peace and to continue to practice on myself with the aforementioned dense nutrition, along with wholistic regenerative therapy in the form of chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture treatments and the use of Chinese herbs to mitigate the congenital lung condition and my own personal practice of acupressure with my own hands on therapy.
And, guess what, it works very well. From 1973 to 2016 when I had pneumonia for the first time, I had not been in a western doctor’s office. Imagine what I saved in doctor’s bills alone, notwithstanding, what I did for my body so that it would be able easily to create the strong form and function of my body that results now every day.

I am thankful. And I can give myself a round of applause for how well I am. Look forward to a brilliant moment when you stand before the mirror and give your self a round of applause. This the fun part!

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