October 7, 2018: Day 274: Dismal Rainy Sunday: Streets are empty

Every day I am reading something that I/we all need to know in order to survive here and in order for our planet to survive the bad attitudes and greed thinking that is eroding her systems and our lives.

Money corrupts. In an observably abundant universe on a startlingly beautiful planetary system, the very bad idea in place fosters deep greed and its corollary: slavery. What is not so easily digested is that we are all slaves here: slaves to the idea of money or slaves of the corruption. It’s so obvious that we can hardly conceive that it is just not needed to make a usefully creative, wholesome and happy life!

It’s a very quiet day for me. Therapy earlier in the week has made it possible for me to further understand and discharge the effects of childhood abuse. The only difference between what went on in my household during those 20 years and what goes on in the world is that of the kinds of weaponry employed. The fear and hate and anger are the same in both spheres. The story that is concocted in the cauldron of fear and hate and anger is the same: you are bad and so I must punish you. This stance very conveniently separates the victimizer and the victim. This judgment allows the perpetrators to make war, to rape, pillage and burn, to manipulate the resources of the people and the planet for profit using the ridiculous game institutionalized in the banks around us and the currency in our pockets. We are slaves to money and the have/have not fiction that surrounds and justifies the game. We are becoming even more aware of the rest of the profit game: war, crime, disease and poverty. Gruesome!

I do not wonder why I am sick. And what caused me to be born into a damaged body system. Nor am I ignorant of the trials of my childhood that impelled me to become aware of myself in a much larger way than the average young person of my time so that now, about 80 years on, I am making a new kind of voice and a spiritual quest to heal, to become peaceful within myself and to tell the story of peace.

We cannot at this point of earth history know what we might be if there was a condition of peace on the planet.
Imagine that here it is Sunday in the rain and I am within my place but I am also within the space of the global game analyzing, contemplating and pulling together some kind of sense and understanding of it all. In my youth, I was victimized; in my adulthood I understood that my mother could not consider any other idea beyond her fear and hate and anger. Forgiveness set me free; free to learn, free to understand and free to become the true self I am. I used the horror as a tool for the liberation of my heart, mind and soul. I became sovereign as mySelf.

So, this day is the first day of the rest of my life. It’s your first day as well. It might be that this small article holds a mustard seed of a very large, very fecund truth. Bon Appetit!

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  • October 11, 2018 at 3:18 pm

    Happy Thursday to you…..

    What type of therapy enabled you to discharge the effects of childhood abuse?


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