October 17, 2018: Day 266: Cannabis day in Canada!


Canada has legalized cannabis. Its now ok for us to have a stash, a few joints, a package of edibles in the form of cookies or brownies, to smoke on the streets and to grow up to 4 plants per household. Our building has declared 2 plants only. It’s really no big deal; and it really is rather a significant landmark day for a country in the “free world”.

In the beginning of my experience in Los Angeles in the early 70’s, it was possible to buy an ounce of Mexican weed for $10.00! It’s hard to imagine now over 40 years later when the best bargains come in pounds for anywhere from about $4000 to maybe $7000. for quality medicinal grade cannabis.

I went to see the lovely Chinese gentleman who is an acupuncture doctor. His office is just about three blocks away. I appreciate him not only because he is a highly competent practitioner, he is also a sweet sincere soul. We work together to help my body heal its long standing ailments that began at birth. This was a day of a very powerful session and a quick trip home again to simply take a serious brake from the world outside and below my windows.

Take a break! I do!

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