October 26, 2018: Day 257: Whether, the weather!

The Great Mum teases us. She gave us some fantastic Indian Summer days and now that the winter season is on us, she teases us again with mostly blue skies, brilliant sun now streaming from an angle 36 days past equinox and a definite warmth pervading my room and the plants in my window. Wonderful and thanque!

And along with all that the human stuff shows up: I’m at home because the power chair really likes 12 hours of continuous charging with the 110 volts push and I did not plug it in last night. I yield today to science: stay home, Amraah.

Well, stay home and write. Stay home and text my friends and remind them that we are One. Stay home, clean up, ditch a plant that has lost it after a summer of glory, make a smoothie from yoghurt, raspberries miraculously brought from Mexico (well it’s still summer weather in Michoacán) and maple syrup, and write. It all puts me in a groove gearing into the next work to finish the Journey of the Lotus and work out a re-write of an autobiography I wrote in 2013 and 4. And let myself be in the glare of clear bright sunlight casting rainbows from front door to windows all over the walls and floor.

UV rays are our first nutrient; they keep everything else going. The afternoon dwindles down to the final bright pink and coral of the last rays of the sun. An old dear in my life a long time ago offered me this charming idea: the coral pink colours of dawn and dusk represent the Great Ones forgiveness. I can go with that!

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