October 27. 2018: Day 256:

For many of our people, Saturday is a day to play, we’ve called it D.D.O. Designated Day Off! I’m not here to change the Plan; I’m here to work the Plan.

The big play that began and ended the useful day was Tennessee Williams . play – Street Car Named Desire. All the front piece and the cover proclaimed a masterpiece and so it was. I have of course a picture in my head of Marlow Brando as Stanley Kowalski leaning against the motorcycle bellowing out: Stella! What a way to make Saturday.

Then there’s a thing in small spaces that every little bit of clutter on the counter or on the floor, tucked under a chair or the sofa looks and eventually feels like a collection. It means of course to follow the long known slosh and sweep and wipe and dump to finally survey the whole of the space as pronounce it done. Zen-ed out!

Ready for my friend, who texts me to say he isn’t making it today. Some days are bigger than others.

And there is always a list of some sort hanging in the background that given the relation of the day and pay day, the chair is revved up and we hit the streets under the ready for winter jacket, a wool hat over a small cotton scarf, the big white scarf over-all and the boots.

The streets around our neighbourhood are crowded with people. They are especially clustered westerly up Hastings across the street at the large lot where the Saturday Sunday swap meet is held. I salvage on the streets as I am tooling along, collecting decent looking stuff to bring home and put in the laundry to thoroughly clean. It makes a series of bundles all folded into plastic London Drugs bags; each is ready for gifting to one of the ladies that sells at the swap. I do make a choice as to which ladies; the ones who smile cheerfully, the ones who nod or even say hello, the ones that work at their task of bringing in some well needed coin.

Today, I met Constance who is the organizer of the ongoing event that very well indeed supports this whole population. She turned out to be a rousing great dame and we have already promised ourselves some quality face time. Seems there is something that Grandmother can do.

I have no wish to take any kind of spotlight on any of these things but as the icon of the ancient tribes, Grandmother’s job is to validate and support. I get to talk to this great lady and find out what she can use from me.

I take myself later to a local sushi place where the young men are charming and attentive and make very good on the spot sushi, where I enjoy some real miso soup and my rolls. Time to roll home and just close the door. Thank you very much.

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