Health and Well Being 12: Regeneration is constant improvement.

It’s like taking yourself to the top of the ski slope once again to train all your muscles; body, mind and spiritual muscles on yet one more run.

I got a definite leg up on this one by being born into a body that did not work; so that when it did work properly after surgery when I was 30, I was ready for some of that constant improvement. I learned more about it when I studied Macrobiotics in 1975 when it was pointed out to me that the gene pool of my entire society was in a de-generative cycle mostly from the effects of excessive sugar, mostly useless drugs, bad attitudes and bad food. If I have talked about this before, good.

I always notice when the pendulum swings around to the next opportunity I have been given to learn something important for my long term well being.

I am motivated to work, folks on that long term! It is now all over again!

This article will give you some of the steps I am taking to continue as a well person for the next foreseeable future. I offer my own story, first because it is the one I am mostly familiar with, and second: I really believe that the ideas coming forward from my own work have a worth more than only a western based scientific study because it lacks the personal authority of my own story. I’m also interested in bringing some information to your attention that is larger in scope than from an impersonal reiteration of assorted scientific studies.

If I can instill in you some of the confidence I have in what I do for myself and the attitude that it takes to just do it, this will be a most successful endeavor.

First part of it all came as the result of listening to a small group of American doctors talk to me about what they knew about the surgery I had undergone a year or two earlier. By the tone of their voices and the words they were using, I caught on very quickly that their science did not include in it what I knew was my task at that time: erase 30 years of accumulated stress from my body, to heal and repair the damage I knew was real. They could not fathom the idea that I might think that way or that I could in any way effect a positive outcome by choosing a quality diet, participating in yoga or martial arts exercise, by meditating, etc. none of these ideas of regenerative medicine lived in them anywhere.

And people all the time put themselves in their dubious care. What does that really mean?

There was no use engaging them in a conversation; so I took myself to sit with the largest of all ears and Her heart.

I drove to the high desert a long hour’s drive from the valley in LA. Finding a parking place in one of the parks there, I walked off to a quiet place to have a conversation with the Great Universe, otherwise known as the Higher Power.

“Uni! I know I am responsible for my own health, but I know mostly nothing. I need to know, and I need a technique that I can use on myself, that might be therapy for others, and that works no matter who or what or when, and, it must be easy. I am not going back to school for 8 years for this.”

This is the rest of the story. In that era of the early 70’s women were concerned about liberating themselves from the limitations and stereotypes of past generations and participate more creatively in their society. To this end, two ladies had purchased an old motel complex on Sepulveda Blvd. near Oxnard and turned it into an alternative school for women to learn a wide spectrum of present day useful occupations. As I visited my local health food store, I saw their flyer and enrolled in two classes: one in an Acupressure system and one in a martial art: Kung Fu then a popular television program.

I got a very fast boot across the Pacific Ocean into the ancient Oriental mind, its medical science, its philosophies and a new attitude about life. It did not take very long to deeply understand why the western science of medicine is an incomplete paradigm. During the first class I had a distinct energy rush and took it to heart that next week to practice on myself what I had learned in class.

I have never looked back. I know with a certainty built into me from a near daily attention to acupressure that I am as well as I am today partly because I have practiced for this nearly 50 years. It does take a certain kind of desire to be really well, it takes a sense of self that transcends the patterning of my society so that I choose to become the first participant in my own life. It also requires a conviction that I really can know what’s best for me as the first authority. It also empowers me to understand other practitioners who can offer a positive addition to my own work. All this is a very large part of the practice of evolution. And even with the limitations of birth ‘defects’ and that I use a wheel chair for mobility, I can create very good heath and well being for myself.

This is my offering to you. If you pay attention not only to this writing but most importantly to your inner self, you can make constant improvement as part of the rest of a long and happy life!

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